Thursday, November 30, 2006

Does Anybody Care?

Sometimes I wonder if anybody is actually reading my blog or if I am just writing it for my own good. Not really sure if there are people out there who want to actually hear about my yarn obsession or my struggles with knitting and crochet, let alone my little bits about my husband and kids. Maybe I am just hormonal and in need of a little reassurance.

Where is all this coming from you ask? I read the Yarn Harlots blog every day. I just love the little things she puts on there. It doesn't matter what she is writing about, it all is interesting to me. Not only do I read her post but I take the time (when I have it) to read all the comments that her loyal reader leave for her. Some of them are so interesting and just as funny as Stephanie. I even view some of their blogs and leave comments on them to let them know they are loved :-)

After I get inspired by all the wonderful blogs out there, I go to my blog. My blog seems to be the only one out there that nobody is reading. Needless to say, I get a little disappointed that there are not more comments on here. I then wonder if anybody is out there; does anybody care? Not even my friends are leaving comments...maybe they aren't reading it either.

Today, I left a comment on the harlots blog (again). After I hit publish, I went back to read it (as I always do to make sure I made sense) and I noticed that right before my little comment was a new comment I hadn't read yet. When I was reading the comment I was wondering who it was since she made reference to her time she filmed Knitty Gritty (incidentally that is what Stephanie is getting ready to do by knitting 10 step outs of socks). When I looked at the name of the lady it was CAT BORHDI! Cat-Frickin-Borhdi was commenting on her blog! What a thrill I would receive if anybody famous like that would say even a Hello on my blog! I am so jealous of the harlot.

So, I want to make a plea, if you read my little blog at all please leave a comment...Please?


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow = Knitting Time!

Oh, I love Colorado! I especially love really cold days with snow on the ground. I have made the house nice and toasty, the Christmas lights are on the tree and my little animated snoring Santa is singing Jingle Bells with every snort! During times like these I really feel the Christmas Spirit!
Every part of me wants to work on every gift I am making for somebody this year right at this very moment! I HAVE to hold myself back!
My cocoa is next to me with a load of little miniature marshmallows floating at the top (a must) and I am sitting here knitting away on a mate to the blue sock which I think I am going to give to my grandma.
Where are the kids? Taking a nap (thank the Lord). So, I get to sit here quietly, knitting, sipping, and knitting some more. No interruptions, no nagging, no whining, just Peace!

I ask you, does it get any better than this?

Those are decals of JOLLY ol' Saint Nick on my front window! The kids Love them. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Socks, Socks, Socks

Everybody wants to learn how to make socks! With Socktoberfest over you might think that I am sick of making socks but that just isn't the case. Now, not only am I making socks but the members of my Sit and Stitch want to learn too! So, tonight I am going to teach them.

Starry went to the Yarn Store and bought some wonderful Lana Grossa selfpatterning yarn and brand new size 2 bamboo knitting needles. The colorway is actually the same as the socks I made for my mom. The other women in my group that want to learn are Donna and Kara.
Donna and Kara are an outstanding mother daughter team that does just about anything crafty you could imagine. Donna brought some really fine wool that she spun from the fleece of her own sheep (isn't that the best?) and Kara brought some simple worsted weight lime green yarn.
I worked on the socks I was intending to give to my brother in law for Christmas but decided to keep them for myself instead when I noticed that what I thought was grey was really a nice shade of purple.
Well, I began to teach them how to make socks using the most wonderful book and everything was going well. Until, Donna, who's yarn was so danty that we couldn't really make out any of the stitches to work. I am sure that there are far better knitters out there who could use this wonderful yarn for great things but I could not for the life of me get the size 1 needles to work for me. Not to mention I thought I was going to break them with every attempt.
Then, Kara had to stop to nurse her baby boy and Donna picked up her socks and started to work on them. Here is a picture of her working away.

Starry got it going right away. She is so funny, she thinks that any socks she makes are going to have to be for somebody who is diformed in some manner because her socks are never going to turn out. I told her that she has to know something about knitting; afterall she is the one who taught me! Anyway, Starry got her stitches casted on and was on her way!

I had to leave the group before the time was up because my husband had a softball game to go to and I had to watch the kids. But, in the hour and a half that I had we got a lot done. I only hope that these three work on the socks over this month and have something to show us on Dec. 7, 2006.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Showers of Flowers Virgin

I had a few minutes to spare yesterday and I took my grandmother to the Yarn Store for the first time. My grandma is the one who taught me how to crochet so I thought she would appreciate the most wonderful place on earth! Now, she hasn't crocheted in about 10 years and even before that it was only a every now and then hobby but once a crocheter always a crocheter. She is 87 Years old and grew up in the era of bad acrylic yarn and scratchy wool; so imagine her amazement when she was the multitudes of hues, textures, brands...shear options! "Look at all this yarn" she said to me. "I never knew there was this much yarn".

For me, every time I walk in that store I feel like the angels should be singing "hallelujah" when I open the doors. I was really hoping that my grandmother would be able to feel that same joy as she was a Yarn Store Virgin. Since I spend three days a week with her, I was hoping that I was bringing her to a place that she and I could go and enjoy time together every other week. You know, just looking at patterns, touching yarn, sampling new products. A place that we could mingle with other fiber artist. But my hope was shot down when right in the middle of the store, my grandma look up from a glass display of wonderful alpaca yarn, looks right at me and says "this store is for knit NOT crochet; are you ready to go?"

My jaw dropped to the floor. I don't care if you crochet or knit any yarn store is for you...there has to be this appreciation for the yarn, right? Well, not for my grandma. The way she saw it, this store was for knitters and since she was not a knitter she had no use for it. So, we left. Most likely never to return with her again.

I guess you can't teach an old woman new tricks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

My Birthday was the other day and unlike any other birthday before I just wanted this one to pass by without much notice. Why you ask? Well, this year was the first time I turned 29. You know what that means don't year I am THIRTY YEARS OLD! Oh, the horror. I have been trying to prep for this for the past five joke...the last five years.

So, this year, I just wanted my bithday to go quietly into the night and for the most part it did. Except for the best time ever spent with my mom!

I am a stay at home mom (which ironicly means I am hardly ever at home) with three kids all under five years old. Therefore, money is not something I have a great deal of in my possession. Because of this I am forced to still purchase a great deal of my yarn at large retail stores. I have really stopped buying from Wal-mart and focused my attention on the yarn at a place called Hobby Lobby. They have a brand of yarn there that I absolutely love called Yarn Bee and Baby Bee. These yarns are mainly acrilic yarn with lots and lots of blends. Anyway, mom, the most anti-knitter I know (meaning she does not have any desire to knit but totally appreciates the art) said she was going to take me to Hobby Lobby and let me purchase $200 worth of yarn. Anything I wanted. Well, fellow knitters, I had so much fun at the store, but you know what was even more fun? Pouring my bags out on the bed and laying in all of it :-)

Here is a picture of it all on the bed!

Here is a picture of it all stored away!

Don't I have the GREATEST MOM in the whole World!

I also got Rosewood Crochet hooks! ( before you say anything...I got the Rosewood Knitting needles last year for Christmas) Aren't they devine?

I am using the M hook right now to make my grandmother a Martha Stewart Poncho for tomorrow.
Then, it only gets better, one of my Best Friends, Tara, gave me a Hobby Lobby Gift Card for $25! And one of my other Best Friends, Jenni, MADE me a Crocheted Felted Sock Project Tote! It is the perfect size and color! She is so thoughtful...she even gave me the pair of socks she was working on in the tote to finish for her as a gift! (I'll explain in my Help is on the Way post) Isn't she great! This was her 1st felted project and she gave it to me! I just love her; Tara too!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Crazy Busy!

I have so much to say and no time to say it. Please stand by and I will have a whole load of post in the next few days.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Toe Up Socks :-P

So, I thought since I am trying to become a Knitter instead of just a knitter I would venture out and try to do a pair of socks in another way. I decided that I would try toe up and picked a pattern out of the best sock pattern book I have ever used, Sensational Socks. I not only thought I would try a new way to make socks but also try cableing for the first time. Something simple, something that only has a four row repeat, nothing too much to handle you know what I mean?

I started the toe on a Sunday afternoon and by Monday night I was almost done with the first sock. That was pretty fast but I was really enjoying making theses socks since I was using a regular Red Heart Worsted Weight yarn to do them. (didn't want to waste good yarn for a pair of socks I didn't even know if I would do right). Anyway, I took a good look at them before I started to bind them off. I liked the new pattern and the way the heel looked but still not totally convinced that I was a big fan of the toe up socks. The clincher for me when I started to bind off the needles. It was way too tight. So, I ripped it out and did it again in a manner that I thought had more give, sadly I was mistaken. I ripped it out again and this time pulled out my trusty crochet hook and really finished them loose. Now, I think they look like I just stretched them out so much that they won't go back to a normal shape.
Anybody have any ideas how to do this better?


One of the most Totally Cool things happened to me today! I was checking out the last post for Socktoberfest today and saw that there was a list of people who won things. I thought that we had to send in some pictures or something in order to even qualify so I almost didn't even look for my name. Then...there it was. Plain as day "It's a Knit Thing" WHOA! Was that me? I clicked on the link to see if it went to my page...AND IT DID! Can you believe it? The best part is that I was just complaining to my friend that I was in need of something to hold all my DPN's! I am so excited!
I so loved Socktoberfest and made a total of five pairs of socks which isn't much compaired to some other people but I also have three kids to take care of an couldn't devote the entire day to making socks (that's not to say that I didn't want to!)

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to LOLLY! You really made my day!