Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Don't you just hate it when all you want to do is go home, fix dinner, play with the kids then sit down and work on a project that you have been dying to get to all day long but somebody throws a wrench into the entire plan. My husband tells me I am always throwing wrenches in his plans...I just tell him that it is not a wrench, just better planning :-)

Well, last night a definite wrench was thrown at me. Since I no longer work afternoons I get to go home at 1:30. Usually I have to go pick up the kids from daycare before I really get home so in all actuality I walk in the door at about 2:30. I have to admit, that is a nice change from 6:00 every night. Anyway, my daughter is sick and could not go to daycare so my mom came over yesterday and watched both the kids for me. That is great and all but boy, oh boy the mess when I got home! My mom is suffering from bursitis and can't really move around too fast which is a challenge with a 14 month old and a two and a 1/2 year old. She just wasn't able to keep up on the pick up. Not to mention that Allura, my daughter, threw up several times which means my mom had to spend a great deal of time making sure all of that was cleaned up plus the kids!

To continue, when I got home I had to clean up the house. No big deal, it needed it anyway; plus, now that I have the time to do that I am more than happy to try and keep my house up to a cleaner standard. After I picked up I cleaned the kitchen floor, washed the dishes, cleaned the counter tops, wiped down the stove, washed the table and started dinner for the kids. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 5:00! Wow, time flies when you are having fun, huh?

After we ate dinner I thought we should go down stairs so the kids could play in their play room and I could continue working on the sweater for Allura! We live in a ranch style home and all of our living quarters so to speak or on the first floor and the playroom, family room, office and laundry room are down stairs. Well, we get down stairs and I start a load of laundry and folded the load that was in the dryer. I started a movie for the kids to watch and gave them some gatorade.

I finally was able to sit down on the couch to crochet at about 6:00. I got a good hour in and finished the other sleeve to Allura's sweater. I was so happy I thought I would take some pictures of my project to put on my blog. So, I went to find our camera. While I was looking for the camera Allura and Caden came out to the family room to play. I think they were bored with the movie. Here comes the wrench! I found the camera, got to the living room just in time to see Allura puke all over the floor, not once, not twice, but three times! She couldn't stop puking and every time she would take a step back to get away from it and do it again! Needless to say I had a MESS on my hands.

I snatched her up and went upstairs to give her a bath leaving the puke for later. By the time I had settled her down, given her a bath, got her dressed, gave her medicine, put her in bed and she fell asleep it was 9:00 and I still had to go and clean up the puke! My night was practically over before it started :-(

Where was my husband during all this? At his uncles house doing out taxes. Lucky him, he got to miss all the FUN! He got home at about 7:30 so he was able to help me get Caden ready for bed and sat with Allura and I until she fell asleep.

I was totally bummed that I couldn't work on my project. All too often in life a wrench gets thrown in our plans, I just wish it wasn't thrown in my crafting plans ;-)

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