Thursday, December 07, 2006

Weird Eats

Okay, so what do you like to eat that others might think is weird?
Well, taking the advice of a friend of mine (Lain) and I am going to write about something totally random today. Grilled Cheese sandwiches topped with raspberry jam.

I didn't know this was something I did out of the ordinary since my mom had me eating them since I was a little girl. No matter what, when we had grilled cheese we had some kind of jam or jelly (raspberry is my fav.). All my friends think it is weird at first but then they take a bite of mine and think it is great! OH MAN, that is the only way to eat them. I know you might think I am weird but you gotta try it! Would I lie to you?

P.S. Church SnB tonight...will post all about it tomorrow.

PSS...if you are here about the "Harloony" comment then you need to check out the Pass It On Post.


ScrapHappy said...

Okay, tell me -- what is Harloomy? And when you eat the GC with the jam, is it cooked with it or is it on the side? And finally, what do you put on your French fries???
Weird eats.... Hmmmm... I love to eat the sheets of seaweed that they wet and wrap sushi in. Yum!

Cristina said...

yo! i think this is you (i had a hard time finding your blog...probably just me though). i'm going to stop by more often now. yes! i am coming to denver next week - lets meet up! I think Stacey (Sheep in the City) is getting the ladies together for some knitting & yarn shopping on Monday evening. Email me so we can figure something out - k?

Sorka said...

hmm I always eat the pumkin filling if the pie then the crust seperate

Leon said...

I like fried scorpion!

Lisa Marie said...

Peanutbutter, American cheese, and mayo sandwiches (on white) with potato chips in the middle. Seriously. One of the few good things that came out of my first marriage, as my ex- got me started on them. ;)