Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Total Groupie

*Photo Heavy Post...sorry dial-up!*

OH, where do I begin? This past weekend I went with my friend Jill to the Creative Festival here in Denver, CO. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a huge Merchandise Mart full of Fiber, Quilts, Buttons, Scraping Booking Material, Fabric, and did I mention Fiber that will get my bowls moving like a U-haul truck down a steep hill! The minute I walked into the place I made a mad dash to the bathroom! Does that happen to any of you?

Okay, that is a lie, the Creative Festival is NOT the only place that happens to me...anytime I walk into a yarn store at least 15 steps into the place I am so full of excitement that I RUN not walk, RUN to the restroom. My mom laughs at me and my husband thinks I am crazy...I just think my body can't contain the joy so it does the only thing it can. Kinda like my bodies way of saying "Hallelujah"!

Marly and Jill

Anyway, I got there just as the doors opened to make sure that Jill and I could do a good bit of walking around before our first class. We shoved our way through the roto-tilly thing and started to walk...almost prance down each row. Smiles on our faces from ear to ear (total dorks). I just kept telling her how happy I was, and she would look at me and say ME TOO!

Man, the uber amounts of craft stuff...almost too much eye candy to take in. Just when I thought I needed a break I saw the most beautiful Fair Isle sweaters I had ever seen! The color palettes were to die for.

I immediately walked over there to ogle over these pieces of art when I noticed that it was a booth hosted by Philosophers Wool. The same people that I was taking my first class with to learn how to do Fair Isle! Yippee!

But wait, that is not all (I sound like an infomercial)! There was a man at the booth knitting behind the cash till. I kept looking at him, not because it was a man knitting but because he looked really familiar. Then I thought it was the woolly fumes getting to me and making my imagination play tricks. I just shrugged it off to the fact that he looked a bit like Bob Ross. Oh, but then I saw it. This Book...this is THE book that made me want to learn how to Fair Isle, this is THE book that made me want to learn how to make socks, this is THE book that I had looked at so many times the binding was starting to wear was HIS BOOK!

I am telling you, I could not contain myself! I was talking to him faster and faster with a voice that was getting higher and higher with each word. Jill was looking at me like I was crazy! I was almost dancing on my tip toes and my hands (because they didn't know what else to do) were flailing about at my sides! And then...It dawned on me that HE was teaching my class! BE STILL MY HEART! Okay, so it was his wife Ann who taught my class but same difference. SHE is the other half of Philosophers Wool and SHE is the other author of THE book!

Jill and I got to the class five minutes early and got a front row seat. She and I looked like little kids waiting for a mid-afternoon treat only it was 11:30 in the morning and we were learning how to knit. Surrounded by fellow knitters all eager to learn. For that one hour I did not feel like a weirdo who always knits. I was part of a community! One that was full of people just like me. I was validated in some way! Man, I love being around other knitters!

The class was great! I completely understand how to Fair Isle now with no problem. Before, I was having trouble with holding one of the colors in my right hand (I knit continental) but by the end of the class I was a pro! I can even weave in my floats as I go...advanced knitting no?

So, after the class I asked Ann and Eugene (first name basis all the way baby!) for a picture and they obliged me!

(Gotta get ready right? That is me putting on lip gloss. I am ready for my close up Mr. whoever)

Man, I felt like a total groupie! I even asked them to sign my book that I purchased (Great Book btw! Get it if you LOVE Fair Isle).

Ann wrote: Marlaina (she knows my name)

Remember you want to finish so start soon!

Ann and Eugene 2007 Denver

Cloud NINE, I tell you, Cloud NINE! Next year I am going to purchase one of their kits to make my mom a cardi. I think she would love one in the Fall Pallete.

I could have left the show right then but I had signed up for a couple more classes on Needle Felting with Barbara Crawford of Crawford Designs ( have a picture of me standing next to her but it is a bad picture of me so...too bad). There is a large article about her in Sew News February issue. Check it out. She is a really funny lady! A real hoot...take her class if you ever get a will enjoy it!
Other than that, after all the Hobby Lobby purchases over the last few months, I was out of money. But I had to get something, right? Well, who can resist some great hand dyed sock yarn? That is for Moi!

Isn't it lovely!
All in all, we had a great time and think that next year Jill and I will get a booth ourselves. Yep, I am going to be that big. Then, all of you can come to my class and take pictures with me like a groupie :-)
Positive thinking, ya' know?

You know what else, I got a LOT of compliments on my BAG while at the show too. Don't worry, I didn't forget about the contest. If you haven't submitted a name you still have time. I am going to pick my favorites tomorrow and then let you all vote on which one you like best!
I have also started another bag so I will have pictures for you soon!
Have a great day ya'll!


Melody said...

wow! what a day you had! FUN!

Kara said...

Sounds like a good day - Are you ready to teach me how to do it -

Kristen said...

The fair sounds like heaven! How do I find out about such things? Does anyone know if there are listings?

lainehmann said...

Okay, you are cracking me up.
I just wrote on my scrapbook blog about how I have to go to the facilities every time I walk into a scrapbook store.
Too funny!