Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where's the LOVE?

Nobody is leaving comments anymore. Show me some Cyber Lovin'

Are you all bored with what I am writing about? Let me know so I can try and make it a bit more interesting! Just say the word!

Give me idea's...if you want patterns. Let me know what you are looking for and I am sure I can help. I am pretty good at putting things together.

BTW: more Free Yarn Bee Patterns to come!


Jane said...

I read your blog everyday but I guess I rarely have an interesting comment. I don't think my life is exciting enough or that I knit well enough to have a blog myself yet.
I am a newbie knitter so I am always interested in the knitting stuff the most.
I also live in the east, in Maryland, so I like to hear the regional stuff. I have only been as far west as visiting my brother when he was in the army in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
Keep blogging!

Saffron said...

*waves from lurkdom*

I read your blog too! :)

Happy Knitting!

Anonymous said...


I'm not bored with your writing!

I just recently started reading your blog, and recently re-took up knitting. I like your scarves very much. Can you post more patterns for them? Specifically, do you have any patterns for Yarn Bee elf eyelash yarn?

Last week, when Hobby Lobby had elf eyelash on sale for .99, I bought a bunch, with grand plans to whip up a bunch of scarves, but now I'm at a loss as to what to do with all of it. It is so light and ephemeral that I feel I have to mix it with something else. Since I have a lot (tons) of Lion Brand Homespun from a previous bout of grand planning (and a sale at Hobby Lobby), I thought I should use some of it up with the elf eyelash.

I am making a scarf with homespun, color Baroque, mixed with elf eyelash, color Heather. The two colors go well together, and the scarf has visual depth and feels hefty but soft, not light and feathery.

The thing is, when I look closely at it, I can clearly see the strand of homespun running through the scarf, and I think it doesn't look so great. From a distance, it looks good.

So, I was wondering if you have any suggestions about how I can put all my elf eyelash to good use. I'm waiting for another sale, so I can stock up on some good companion yarn for it.

btw, last week I also picked up a few balls of Lion Brand fun fur (on clearance), and some Moda Dea dream.

Sorry, I got kind of long winded...

L (also in CO)

Jean said...

I'm still here and still reading. I was out of town for a while and when I got back, I had missed lots of your posts (good job posting so much, though). I was trying to catch up on reading the blogs, so I read without commenting. I'm back now.

Valerie said...

Here's some love, darlin'! {{{{hugs}}}} I've not been commenting lately out of my bizarre need to obsure the fact that I'm blog surfing during the wee hours of the night. (Go to bed, Val!) Mu hubby is out of town and I have a problem with staying up late when he's gone.

I hope you're having a good weekend!

cristina said...

sending love your waaaaaay.

i like your writing...i think we're just lazy....:(

will try to be more consideriate though...everyone loves a little reaction thrown their way.

amanda said...

Here is some blog love :)

I actually joined the realistic world of bloglines, and i've yet to figure out an easy way to comment without leaving the site. i guess i'm getting lazy. but i'm still reading!!

ScrapHappy said...

You Yarn Thing, you!
I just have been out of the blog loop... I am adding everyone to bloglines right now to try to keep up.
Lain said...

Hi Marly, and thanks for the love when my head was a poundin' (I do the coke thing too!)

Hope you have a great day!!