Monday, March 05, 2007

Je suis fini

I have been working on these a little here, a little there for the past three months. Yes, you read that right, MONTHS. Those of you who know how fast I knit most likely don't believe it but I assure you, it is true.

I was given this yarn by Kara in late December to make her a pair of socks. I started them right away and got the first sock done in two days. The second sock was a different story. I started it; put it down for a week or two; started it some more; put it down to work on other things; started it; put it down after only a few rows after I realized that I had a project that HAD to get done before the super bowl ; then I didn't pick it up for over a month. Well, the time was now to get it finished. Saturday I picked it up for the last time and do you know that it only took me two hours to finish the sock?

Finally, I am done with them. I think what took so long was that I wasn't really happy with the needle size I used (us. size 8) because it made the stitches too far apart. I have never used that size needle before and I deffinately won't do it again. Usually I like to use a size 4 needle with Wool-Ease. It makes the stitches really nice and tight so I will go back and do that.

Okay, here is the low-down:

Yarn: Wool-Ease 1 and a half skeins
Needles: 4 DPN's size 8 US (5mm)
Size: Women's size 10 (cast on 50 stitches)
Pattern: Cuff down, basic stockinette stitch, heel flap, grafted toe

You know what is cool, this sock qualifies for my March sock in the SAM 3 and for my Sunday Socks!

Kara Loved Them!

Now, I think I should work on my socks that I have been working on since November.
OH YEAH, I forgot to tell you all about Vickie Howell. I will try and post about that next!

Happy Knitting Ya'll



Pixie said...

Cute socks!! Socks are one of my favorite projects, so I'm steaming ahead on a sweater that I've told myself I MUST finish before I can start a new pair of socks.

ali said...

Now I need to knit more socks! Simple ones, striped ones, lacey ones... they're just so fun! And they make great gifts, so glad your friend loved them! Hand knit socks need to be worn and loved, and loved to be worn!
Greta job,