Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Knitting Heretic

Ahem, may I have your attention please?

For those of you who don't listen to my podcast you don't know anything about what I am about to post. And for those of you who can't seem to get enough of me :-) and listen to the podcast, you know exactly what I am about to write about!

I have had these in my possesion for over a month now but have not had a chance to write about it. Well, tonight is the night. Rather than rehash the whole story of how I came about getting these new books I will direct you to the DESIGNER INFATUATION: the Soundtrack. You can listen to this straight from your computer which means you don't need an iPod or an MP3 player. So, for the full effect of this you have to listen!

Okay, now, on May 14th this is what I saw on my stove waiting for me when I got home from the Brown Sheep Wool Mill...
I noticed immediately the return address...

I knew immediately what it was and couldn't get it open fast enough. Hell, I couldn't wait to take better pictures of the whole thing so bare with me on this okay!

I opened the package and pulled out the CUTEST little books all nicely tucked away in a ziploc type bag. I opened the bag and a whiff of new book smell overwhelmed me! John was sitting on the couch across the room watching TV as I was flipping through the Flip Knit books, literally!

I asked him if he knew what these were since he was the one to get the mail that day. He told me that he had an idea. An IDEA! Do you know that I had been in the house for nearly an hour before I found this package and he had AN IDEA what it was and didn't tell me I had a package! What the Hell? Okay, moving on...

When I showed him the Flip Knit books he said that was really neat. As to make sure I didn't miss anything I looked inside the envelope again and saw this...
Look in the Right Hand Corner...It is SIGNED BY THE WOMAN HERSELF!!!

Then I notice on the envelope that there is a folded piece of paper inside of the plastic that had my address on it. Quickly I tore open the plastic and unfolded the piece of paper. It said, sent as a gift by Annie Modesitt, enjoy!

I felt flush all over my face with extreme joy! To think that THE ANNIE actually listens to my podcast and was wanting to send me some of her new Flip Knits Books was outstanding and mind blowing to me!

Anyway, I have the books! I love the books! I can't wait for the next round of books in the series! These books would be a wonderful stocking stuffer for Christmas! Not to mention a cute little addition to any Secret Swap type thing you might be a part of on or off line. They are not that expensive, only $4.99 a piece; and worth every penny!

I know I won't do the books justice on the blog so please be sure to check back in with the podcast as I will be doing a complete review on them with my friend Val for the Jimmy Beans Wool Presto Chango Fame!

Go Check these books out! They are great! I just love them. Thank you Annie for such a generous gift! Bless your little combination knitting heart!


Diane Lovell said...

Great to hear you got your books!!! :)

Sheknits said...

I am having flip book and signature jealousy beyond imagination! Also want you to post pictures of the sweater you just finished of the famous Val's pattern! Can't wait for your next podcast!

StarSpry said...

What a great package to get in the mail :)