Friday, June 29, 2007

My Life In Pictures!Take TWO

Here is a picture of the socks I made John last month...
Yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you!
That is John learning how to KNIT!

Long Tail Cast on...actual knitting still needs to be taught!

Verdict? He thinks it is harder than I make it look.
Baby Sweater that needs to be done by Sunday.
Yah, I don't' see that happening either!

But I am sure having fun!

I LOVE those BLUE stitch markers. My friend Silja Devine
sent them to me from Norway! She made them herself!
She sent me some other wonderful markers and yarn but
my camera batteries died so pictures will have to come later!

A gift for me?
I won this hand dyed nylon yarn from a fellow knitters blog contest~

Another gift for me?
White Willow Hand dyed Lace Weight Yarn and a Project Bag made just for me~

What's this? Another gift for me?
Doodlebird Creations Hand dyed Sock Yarn~

You are kidding me, another gift for me?
Valerie sent me this beautiful bookmark she made.
Do you see the sweater on the knitting needles?

I have been blessed by the gift giving fairy!
Alison and her publisher sent me this book for my enjoyment!

Look, she even signed it for me~ Isn't it great?Dishcloth Central~
Joann's had a sale on cotton and I stocked up!

Sneek Peek at my bag I am designing~

It's a new take on the old Granny Square!


Throws Like A Girl said...

much better!

tina said...

Well now...... I am refusing to feel selfish at all now my dear! :) Loved the pics, thanks for sharing.

I'll be watching for the new bag.

Yarn Thing said...

I hope you all can see these better...not sure what happened to take one but I seemed to have fixed it!


Nancy said...

I think it's great that John has taken up knitting. I've been trying to get my husband to try it for years, still no go.
Can't wait to see the finished bag!

kaoticorchid said...

Much better! I tried to teach my DH how to knit and ended up with a half-finished scarf in my wip bin from him! Hopefully you have better luck! How about that, I just stocked up on some dishcloth cotton.

knitting2relax said...

That is much better!
Hum, maybe John will help you clear out some of that stash. :)

5elementknitr said...

Holy Gift-giving Batman!! Is it your birthday???

Kelly said...

The pics of your hubby knitting are so cute! My hubby would never even try! And the socks....the first pair of socks I made were with that yarn in that exact colorway! Lining tutorial? Me? I will try, but this is the 1st time I'm lining something! We'll see!


Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Wow I can't believe you got your husband to try knitting! I sure hope that he sticks with it and keeps trying. Geez I can't even knit *yet*. I love the podcast!

Silja said...

My Mr.T is a very good fair isle knitter... to my BIG BIG irritation... because I cant seem to do really nice fair isle.I challenged him to knit socks last year, and he did without a problem. He was so inspired that he knitted himself some huntingmittens before he started on a pair of Selbu mittens for me. Unfortunately they was way to big for me, so his father got them as a birthday present. I am very curious to your grannys....

Jean said...

Good for you for getting that Pea Pod going! It's really fun, huh? I'm so impressed you got John to even hold yarn and needles, muchless try to learn to knit. No matter what, that alone is a huge accomplishment.

ali said...

You've finally gotten around to your Pea Pod! Yay! I thought it was a really fun knit. And I love the little bookmarkers that Val made for the knitalong gifties! As for all the other gifts- wowsers! Looks like some great yarn scores, and a book to boot!
Have fun with it all-
happy knitting-

Purple Princess said...

Cute socks. Nice pics. That is so cool your husband is knitting. Mine absolutely refuses. How fun.

Kim said...

Wowsers Woman!!! You got some GOOD mail! :D I love the bag, ooh, those are some great colors!!!
I am also very impressed that your husband is holding the needles and even attempting knitting!!!!
Oh, and I love the pea pod...I still need to get started on mine!