Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pikes Peak 2007

***Picture Heavy Post***

John woke up on Sunday Morning and said "Let's go to Pikes Peak with the kids today."

I hadn't been there since I was a child and thought it would be fun to take my kids up there so I said sure. Little did I know he meant actually GO like NOW...I was still in bed at 7:00am.

Anyway, it was a rush to get everybody up and dressed then out the door in about 45 minutes. Needless to say, none of us really looked our picture taking best but hey, it was fun!

It was $10.00 per person and the sign at the front gate said it would take a half a tank of gas and about 2 hours round trip (not including the amount of time you spent at the summit)

OMG, I forgot how crazy the drive was...especially the drop off from the road. NOT TO MENTION there are NO guardrails!

Anyway, here is a video I took and some pictures for you to enjoy!

This is a lake at the bottom of the mountain the people fish in. I thought the setting was just beautiful so I made John pull over on the side of the road so I could take a picture.

Pictures of the view going up...

...and UP...

...and up...look it is Snow in Aug!!!

We actually pass that very spec of snow on our way to the summit.

...and up...

Have you every heard of Timberline? It is the point at which no more trees grow on the mountain. Well, this is it!

...and up...

OMG...isn't the view to die for?

...and up...

Take a look at that drop off! Notice there are NO GUARDRAILS!!!


...and up...

See the road we have been going up?
If you look by the date of the picture you will notice the road directly below the one we were on. We had just done a hairpin turn so we could weave our way up the mountain.

...and up...

Here is a view of another hairpin turn.
Doesn't look like you could just reach out and touch a cloud?

...and up...

I think it was at this point in the ride
that I started to feel a little woozy.
So, I just focused on my shawl I was working on and only took pictures when I happened to look up to see if we were close!

...and up.

We were very close now. This is
the top of the mountain...notice it looks a little more flat that before. It is deceiving...

...and we are at summit.

...because this is the view from the other side!

ISN'T BREATH TAKNG? Literally, the air is so thin up at 14,000 feet that my legs were
shaking and everything.

I thought I was going to faint. Actually, during a temper tantrum my son actually did faint!
Crazy Stuff!

More spectacular views.

Reach out and touch a cloud why don't ya?


Like I said, not our picture taking best but what a view!

Mommy and Big C. He didn't want to get too close edge,
that is why he threw his temper tantrum and passed out.
I wasn't even making him go...he just thought for some reason that
I was going to make him. Kids!

Mommy and Big A. She is a trooper...she went so close
to the edge that it scared me! Maybe I should have started
to throw a temper tantrum too?
Oh, how John would have LOVED that :-)


Melody said...

oh how i love it there. it has been ages. and I would love to do that with my kids! LUCKY DUCK. I was sucking wind at 11k.. I can't imagine 14K! scary but in a good fun way. love ALL the pics. YAY YOU!

Lynne said...

Oooh, we want to go up Pike's Peak. Love your pics.
We did Mount Evans a couple of weeks ago and it is SCARY! The road is narrow, no guard rails at all and chunks of the asphalt have fallen off the side of the road! (pics at

Anonymous said...

I'm SO sad--I'm going to miss my trip to Colorado this year. It was scheduled the same weekend we're now moving into our new home. Poo. Maybe I'll get to see Pike's Peak again next year.

Dani said...

SOOOO pretty - those views are unbelievable! I can't imagine no guardrails though - smart to focus on the knitting ;-)

Maddie said...

that view is awsome! ive been up there once

Mandi said...
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knitting2relax said...

Thanks for all the pictures! Looks like a great time.
I have one of the kids that goes to the edge too. Does get scary.

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Thanks for sharing a good family time! The view is absolutely fabulouso. Don't worry about the pictures, you look like a happy Mommy. You can't pose for them all!

StarSpry said...

I haven't been to Pike's Peak in a long time, either!

Beautiful views; I'm glad there weren't any clouds blocking the views by the time you got to the top :)

Gigi said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing the amazing views. =-Dd

Valerie said...

What an incredible view! Thanks for sharing it. I agree with Kelly--you look like a happy mommy and that's the best look of all.

bev said...

Amazing doesn't quite say it. But, what does! We have never been to the Peak. So close and haven't been. For shame! Thanks for sharing the photos. Next trip, go to Rocky Mt National Park and drive the road first intermountain highway. Narrow, dirt, switchback, gorgeous! Doncha just love it out here?
Adorable family BTW.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. It's been a while for me too! It's hard to go up to that altitude with little ones and pregnant! Thought last time me and the husband went, it SNOWED on the way home. It was really warm in town and we had to fight through SNOW!!!

Knitterella said...

I have the same photo (by the sign) with my family when I was 16. Brings back memories!


Serenknitity said...

Wow, thanks for that! If we got in the car and drove for 45 minutes we'd still be in London (UK)! How wonderful to live so near the mountains.