Friday, March 21, 2008

Still No Word

Something happened this week that doesn't happen very often the older I get. The week!

I am sure the reason was due to the constant battle with the insurance company, or the fact that it is the week before spring break and the kids haven't had school since Tuesday, or could it be that I have been waiting to see if my submissions got accepted to Interweave Crochet. Of course...I am sure it is all of the above.

Well, still no word from IC. When I talked to Kim Werker a few weeks ago she told me that she was going to be contacting the people who's designs she wanted in the next couple of weeks. Well, here it is a couple of weeks later and I still haven't heard anything. That is OKAY though. I am not heart broken.

A good friend of mine told is not is business. Kim has to put together a magazine and must pick the best designs possible. If mine is not in the mix...oh well, that just means there must be some REALLY GREAT designs in that issue!

I am not being a sour puss or a sappy sally...honestly, I am thinking that I didn't get accepted this time around. Which is okay. I will be trying again for the Winter Issue. I have some really great ideas. Nothing like I submitted this time.

Now the question is...what do I do with the rejected submissions? Well, the same good friend told me that I should submit them to some place else or think of them as work already done for next years submission ;-)

You know, I have a funny story. Two days ago I was getting home from picking up my son from school. The whole ride home the kids were screaming at each other then at me because I wouldn't take them to McDonalds.

Well, I pulled in the driveway and noticed that the mail had been delivered and I had a box sitting by my front door. My initial thought was what did John by on Ebay now? As I walked to the box I saw that it said Interweave Press on it. Now, my thoughts completely shifted to that of rejection.

I figured it was my submissions getting returned to me. Although, it was a smaller box than I had sent in...did they keep something and send the rest back to me? Hum...I grabbed the box, went in the house and put it on the kitchen counter. I didn't think about it for a little while and proceeded to get the kids some lunch. When they were all sitting down and eating I went and grabbed my camera.

Yes,my camera. I wanted to document my agony and rejection. I walked over to the box and took a picture. Then I took a picture of the return address...then I took a picture of my address...WAIT! What was that? Yarn Thing Podcast? Huh? I didn't submit under Yarn Thing? Why would they send it back as Yarn Thing Podcast?

I quickly fumbled through my kitchen for a pair of scissors. Where are those scissors?

Finally, I found them! Quickly, I opened up the box and there they were!

TWO BOOKS from Interweave! Yep, I have a new relationship with Vogue AND Interweave. I feel like the luckiest person in the world!

So, I know what you are thinking. What books did I get? Well, I got one book that I have been drooling over for a while now! Shibori Knitted Felt. Such a wonderful book full of WONDERFUL felted objects and not just purses. The art of Shibori is fantastically interesting and makes me want to give it a try immediately.

I also got a book that is fantastic motivation for me to start a new phase of my knitting and crochet career. SPINNING! I got the book called Start Spinning. always, Interweave has not let me down. If you are an aspiring spinner this is a good book to check out at your local book store!

So, needless to say I was thrilled to see that I got some new books. BUT, what does that mean? Yep, still nothing from IC. So, here I sit. Ready to find out (in my best Heidi Klum Voice) if I am In or am I Out?



Brianna said...

How jealous am I of you? Completely.

OH, there's a new crochet book out that I want you to get your hands on. It's called "Uncommon Crochet" by Julie Holetz. She's a fantastic designer, and I've known her for a while, so I feel like it's my job to promote the heck out of it. I'll be discussing it on the podcast twice--once to get it out there, and again after I save up the money to purchase a copy.

ALSO, my suggestion for the designs that don't get in? Sell them yourself. Finish the design up, write the pattern, get it tested, and sell it on your site. Promote yourself and help support your habits.


Kathy N said...

How wonderful! So now you review the books, yes?

I hate the gives you too much time to think of what you might have done differently...

Jeanne said...

I'm sorry you haven't heard yet - hope you hear soon! And can't wait to hear the reviews of the books!

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrr, the waiting is excruciating sometimes, ha? I know you already know this......if it is meant to be, it will be :) I sound like a mom now. Hope it all works out for you, my friend (the star!).

Claudia said...

Just an FYI, the spinning book is written by Maggie Casey who owns Shuttles in Boulder. She is an amazing teacher and will be doing a signing at Shuttles on the 7th I believe.

coley8301 said...

Two new books you didn't buy. . . your hubby must have been thrilled! I know mine would have. How highly Interweave and Vogue think of you to send you books to review. That is great! You should be so proud.

Tonya said...

Two new book! OMG! I'm so envious. :) BTW, fingers are remaining crossed until you tell me to uncross them.

StarSpry said...

Yay for more books! It's so cool that you get so many free books to review :)

I'm sorry you're still waiting to hear about your submission. I'm glad you're keeping your spirits up, though!!