Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a Jerk

The guy who hit me is contesting the accident and is saying that I ran a red light which is totally untrue!!!!

HE got the Ticket!!!! I have two witnesses that said HE was at a red light...and HE turned into my lane (I was in the left lane)!!!

Now I have to deal with all of that!




Anonymous said...

Oh, Marly! I feel for you, having been there, done that. Get a copy of the police report. Trust me on this. It might be all you need to prove he was wrong.

Cookey_knits said...

Wow Here we have camera's at lights so they can always check on what really happened. When I had my acc. I had a nice man give me his name and number if I needed a witeness (nice eh). Was there any witenesses for you? Who was charged at the scene that will prove that he was wrong, unless there was a charge agaist you.
Best of luck to you.


Roe said...

What a jerk! Does the police report say otherwise?

noelle said...

what a pain!!!

was there a camera at the intersection at all? good vibes for you that it all turns out well ~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Lets hope there was a camera at the intersection to back you up. I hate it when people who cause accidents automatically blame the other person!

Nell said...

That stinks! I hope it all works out OK.

Yarn Thing said...

Nope, no camera at the intersection but he did get the ticket. Plus, the two witnesses that I know of (he is telling the insurance people there is another witness) both said HE was at the RED LIGHT!!!

Yep, I have insurance and they are working with me really well (Farmers...highly rec.) but his insurance company adjuster is a REAL A**!!! (American Family!)


Catie said...

oh wow, that stinks, well hopefully karma will come get him :P

StarSpry said...

What a jerk; that totally sucks! I'm sorry you have to deal with this now. I really hope everything works out...he deserves to be proved totally at fault and pay for everything!!