Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Bravo Bag

Well, I have been working hard making various things. Some of which I can't show you but a few that I can. So, let's start with the most recent bag I finished!

If you get the various knit and or crochet magazines out on the market chances are that you have seen an add for this very cute bag! The pattern is by Chris Bylsma Designs and it is called the Bravo Bag.

I was asked to teach a class for this bag at Knit Knack and of course I said SURE! I love making bags. BUT, I really didn't need another bag. So, I told Gerri (the owner of KK) that I would make the bag for her. She was so happy. She works so very hard at that shop and is going through some personal trials, all in all, she needed a little knitterly love ;-)

02 27 2008 429

She picked the yarn, and the belts, and I made the bag right along with the class. I was surprised how fast it went. Once you get the pattern established it was only a matter of remembering that the cables are every 6 rows. EASY! Then there is the I-cord bind off which I stinkin' LOVE! Best of all, when you are all done you get to FELT IT!!! OH...I LOVE FELTING!

I finished the bag while I was at the shop one Saturday and gave it immediately to Gerri. Knowing how much fun it is to felt something I thought it best to let her felt her own bag so she can have some joy.

02 27 2008 483

02 27 2008 482

A couple days later I walked into the shop and there it was...all felted and with the belts put into place. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Bravo Bag

The felted cables really turn out super nice!

I decided to take the bag outside to get some better pictures. STRIKE A POSE BRAVO

Bravo Bag

Bravo Bag

Bravo Bag

I would recommend this pattern to anybody who is wanting to venture into the world of cables and felting. It is a great combination of skills :-)

There are more classes for the Bravo Bag at Knit Knack...come and join in on the fun!


StarSpry said...

It looks great! That was so nice of you to knit it for Gerri :)

Stacey said...

How cool is that!?! I love it.

Corwink said...

OHMIGOD!!! That is gorgeous. Yup I need to make one of those asap.

Jude said...

That is such a cool purse! And I wanted to let you know I added your link to my sidebar. I figured it was me you were talking about on your last podcast. I love your show!! Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome bag!

Roe said...

That is such a great bag! I need to make it myself, stat. :)

cici said...

very pretty and such a neat idea. Thanks :D

MickalottaCrochet said...

Looks awesome! I am sitting on my sofa at 1:00 am on a weeknight waiting for my first felted bag to go through a washing cycle!!! I'm crossing my fingers it turns out half as good as your project!

You have so much talent, lady, it's sick!

Kara said...

I need one of these in purple - I might have to try it - you never know -

Aimee said...

That is just so, so cool!! I LOVE the belts-as-handles. Would love to see a similar concept in crochet...hint...hint... :P

CN said...

Wow what a gorgeous bag!! I love cabling and felting...I should design my own Done rambling. I'm totally in love with that bag, I LOVE the handles!! Thanks for the great inspiration.


Tracy said...

That is such a beautiful bag!!! I just love the handles!!!! You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Hello, does anyone know where I may be able to purchase the pattern as a downloadable PDF version? I would like to save shipping time aqnd delivery cost.

Thank you,