Friday, May 16, 2008

Crochet and Knit Giveaways


Giveaway Item(s): Stitch Markers

How the winner will be chosen: I will randomly pick a winner ;-)

Giveaway Begins:May 16th, 2008

Giveaway Ends: May 31, 2008

Winner will be notified on/by: I email the be sure to leave your email address!

Rules: No duplicate entries/comments. No spamming. Giveaway is open to everyone. Winner MUST respond within five days, otherwise they forfeit their winnings, and a new winner will be announced.

How to Enter: leave a comment on this blog with your name, how you found this site, and your email or blog so I can get back to you.

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36 comments: said...

I'm not sure how I originally found your site. I'm sure it was through another knitting blog, but who knows which one. I'd love to be entered the drawing.

Nicole said...

Hi Marly. . . It's coley8301 (Nicole) and I found your blog after I found your podcast. One brought me to the other. I love both and I would love to be entered in your drawing.

Marianne said...

I think I found your site through your podcast actually. I remember that I searched iTunes for podcasts about knitting, and downloaded yours. I liked it, and since I've been listening to it. Great site, and podcast :-)

Anonymous said...

I found your site through your podcast, as well. I'm so glad I did!


Lynn said...

I found your site through the Crochet and Knit Giveaways blog.

Tricky said...

I found your site through the giveaway blog, which I found through a Lime & Violet Daily Chum post.


Christa said...

I found your site after finding your podcast. It was mentioned on another podcast that I listen too. Dont remember which one though. I love it!

Rabbit said...

I found you blog by listening to one of the podcasts. I think it was the one with Kim Werker of Interweave Crochet. Good one by the way. I've been sort of checking in since then when I have time. fu_inle at hotmail dot com if I win. Thanks for the chance.

KariBeri said...

So would it help me win if I totally kiss your butt? tee hee! Just kidding!

Kari S. (

thornberry said...

Hello Marly! I found you through Ravelry and have been lurking at your blog ever since. It's great!
You can email me at lfinlayson at optusnet dot com dot au when I win ;-)

Emily said...

I found your site through Crochet and Knit Giveaways, which I have been checking regularly since I'm hosting giveaways myself. Thanks for holding one for us to enter!

TelmahQ at gmail

dolls123 said...

I found this site from google


cici said...

hiya Marly.... I listen to your podcast and really enjoy your enthusiasm and your laugh is awesome.. thanks.

librarylass said...

I Found this site through the ever wonderful Crochet Knit Giveaways. :D

You shall find me at

Tonya said...

I found your site because I'm a long-time listener/fan. :) Been thinking of you...hope all is well!

Katie O said...

Hi Marly!! I've been listening for a while now. Found you through Sharon and She Knits. Love to listen and want to try one of your bags soon. Hope things are good out west!

Gina said...

Hey Marly,
Found ypur site through your blog. It is amazing to see your growth through the year!

turvid said...


I found your blog in your podcast (100 years ago) ;))

katerina said...

How did I find it?! Doesn't everyone know about Marley's great podcast? Why the yarn-thing of course!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Jude said...

I heard about the site from Brianna's podcast with you. I'm excited to be one of the first ones to post a giveaway. It has inspired me do it more often. Come sign up for my giveaway! I'll be watching for the next one.

Fuji Mama said...

I found your blog because of your fabulous podcast!

Wanna said...

Hiya Marly!

Thank you so much for all the fun you add to this knitting life! Please consider the following my request for entry. Thank you SOOOO much!

Name: Lawanna

How: I found the yarn thing group in Ravelry and then found your blog and keep up with your stuff via both now.

My Blog:

My email:

bunnysquirrel said...

Hi Marly! I'm a podcast listener and Ravelry friend so I hopped over from there. :)

5elementknitr said...

I can't remember how I found this site! Glad I did though!

Ruth -

Catie said...

I found this site through your podcast.

Catie Phillips

CN said...

I found you through your comment on my blog (now we could get to how YOU found my blog!). And...uh, you have the rest of my info!! just so you're sure, you can get at my by going to
Have fun!

Wendy said...

I originally found this site because of your awesome podcast, which I stumbled on from ITunes. I found this post from KnC Goodies blog thingie, which I love!

Lisa L said...

I think I found out about the giveaway originally on the Daily Chum. I'm having lots of fun!

Lisa L.

Sue DeB, Somers, WI said...


I found your blog after discovering your podcasts. I love listening to them, and am here for the markers, and more info on you and your yarn-life. Keep on entertaining us.
Sue DeB, Somers, WI

cmelvin said...

Hi! I got here trying to work out PyschofaKnit's puzzle on I'm having fun over here too :D

helenlam said...

I found this trying to work out the ravelry puzzle too!

Tobey said...

I found your blog by listening to your podcast...the Ha-Haa one. It was hilarious!

Thank you,

Delightful Hands said...

I love you Marly! You make me family laughs as I walk around listening to you on my ipod laughing! I've learned a great deal from you and enjoy your podcast sooo much!

Thanks for what you do!
Delightful Hands
Ravelry ID delightfulsherry

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through your podcast--thanks for the hard work!


jane said...

I found your blog, also through your podcast, which I enjoy !!!Looking forward to your next podcast, girlfriend!!!!!!!jane

Ursula said...

I founf your site through the give aways site. And I just love it. Looking forward to being a regular visitor.