Friday, May 16, 2008

Yarn is so exspensive

With the cost of GREAT yarn being so high I wonder...Have any of you thought about purchasing a sweater from your local thrift store so you could take it apart and reuse the yarn to make something you REALLY want? (that was such a Carrie Bradshaw moment)

Yep, me too!

Then, on ebay I noticed a wonderful little "chop" shop called Twice Sheered Sheep. Cute name huh? It is a shop that sells recycled yarn! Cool stuff!!!

Well, Dawn (the owner) also has a blog. On this blog she has posted a how to for recycling a thrift store sweater! Cool Stuff!!!



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Anonymous said...

This one woman named JanKnit does that too! You can buy recycled yarn from her Etsy shop:

It's inexpensive AND good for the environment!