Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer = Break?

Who are they kidding? Summer for me means extra work trying to entertain the kids all the while trying to get every thing else done! It is madness I tell ya!

Anyway, I seem to be running behind the 8 ball these days but better late than never. Or in this case just cutting it really, really short!

It officially starts tomorrow but sign ups are right now! If you were a part of it last year and are still a member of the blog you DO NOT have to sign up again. Just start posting as know what to do. :-)

There is one minor change however. I want you to post one picture of your completed project on the flickr group. Be sure to title it with your blogger name and give it a number ie: yarnthing #1

Prizes...yep...there will be a few ;-)

Oh, what is the project? Purses and Socks...easy summer knitting and crochet!

Come and Join us...what are you waiting is fun?


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