Friday, June 20, 2008

TNNA Socks :-)

Of course if you go on a cool trip like TNNA you have to have a project to take with you that will not only be very portable but something that will be memorable! When I was preparing for the trip I thought long and hard about what I would bring. Well, not really long or hard...I new very quickly that I wanted to bring some GREAT YARN for a GREAT pair of SOCKS!!!

The night before I was to leave I quickly went to Knit Knack in Olde Town Arvada and had a look at their new selection of sock yarn! Can I just say YUMMY!!!

I chose Pagewood Farm Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend yarn in Forest Camo color. AWESOME!!!

Now, for the pattern. I recently purchased the Little Box of Socks "book" after seeing the one that Cathy purchased for Nacheale....I just fell in love with the idea of having a laminated sock pattern that was so very portable. Thumbing through the cards I decided that #17 Small Wings Sock was the one for me!

Okay, I had the yarn, I had the needles, I had the pattern...but I didn't have the time! What?

Well, I also had to finish a shawl/wrap that I wanted to make for my friend Sharon. Since the shawl wasn't done by the time I left that meant I had to work on it while I was there. SO, I made a deal with myself...once I finished the shawl I could work on the super soft socks.

We arrived in Ohio on Wednesday night and I finished the shawl on Friday Morning at 10:00! You can bet your balls of yarn that by lunch I had cast on and started the pattern for my new super cool socks!

So, here they are! I finished the second one on Monday of this week. Love the yarn, Love the pattern (Charlene Schurch is a genius!)!


cici said...

I love them... the color is beautiful!:D

StarSpry said...

Beautiful socks! I love the sock blockers :)

Yvonne said...


I love the sock and the yarn. Beautiful!

Yvonne said...

Just in case, I'm yvoncita63 on Ravelry. Also, I love the sock blockers too!

Yvonne said...

Oops, I meant Yvoncita...confused it with my email. HAHA.