Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hair today Gone tomorrow

Well, lately I have made some changes to my style. Actually you might say I got some style. First, I decided it was time for a really big change so I dyed my hair red and got a short haircut.
I really started to look like my mom huh?

Then, last Sunday I decided that after wanting one for nearly 15 years I was finally going to do it. What you ask...well, I got my nose pierced!

But today, TODAY...I got something I had not planned on getting. Imagine my surprise when took the curling iron out of my hair and found this!!!!!


All I could do at the time was cry!!!

The HORROR! I can't stop looking at it...sort of like a bad accident!

At least it is on the crown of my head so I can pull my bangs back and cover it some what but

Want to see the hair and the curling iron?
(you know you do...has something to do with the accident thing)

Yep, that is my burnt to a crisp hair! I have NO IDEA what happened other than it was a brand new curling iron...could that have something to do with it?

I am so sad!


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie! I am so sorry! Fortunately you look so good no one will be paying attention to the unfortunate accident.

Good for you on doing the nose ring. It's not so much about the ring itself as it is about doing something YOU wanted for YOU. YOu deserve it :)


Jan Pope said...

I did the same thing years ago. I quit using a curling iron right then and there and now I have a curling iron that blows hot air. I have to admit - it actually works better. You can use it on you damp hair and get a better set. I had to hunt around to find it.

Get the hair gel out. You know that kind that used to be used at the hair salon to set hair on rollers. Just dab a bit on your hair and comb it down. It'll help hold it down while it's growing out.

Jasmin said...

Bitchin' nose pierce!

I melted my hair, when I tried to do my own highlights, which was the start of my short-in-the-back, long-in-the-front 'do.

Good luck!

Roe said...

ACK! I'm so sorry about your hair!

BTW - LOVE the nose pierce! You go, girl!

Rebecca said...

oh no! the good news is.... it will grow back.
sheesh, i sound like my mom!
i'm so sorry. just think, soon, you'll look back on this and laugh (wow, there's my mom again)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh......what the heck, is that a super HOT curling iron or something? Maybe your hair was brittle from coloring it? I don't know. Thank goodness you didn't start with your bangs!

When you showed the nose piercing and said you did something you didn't plan to do, i thought for sure you were going to show us a tatoo! :)

Melissa said...

It would appear as if there were some material on the curling iron that heated to a temp higher than the rest of the barrel. Some sticker goo, perhaps? Or it could have been a product of something you used on your hair prior to curling - some hairspray or gel that you applied first?

As someone said, the good news is that it will grow back, but I'm sorry it happened to begin with! I'd go to your hairdresser and see if she can maybe trim it up a little, just to remove the damaged section. And take the hair and iron - s/he may have some insight as to why it happened!

Cami said...

Awww. I'm sorry, Marly. That looks really traumatic. :( It'll grow back, though.

Lisa Souza said...

Ah, two things...number one, get yourself back to your hairdresser and have her/him do some fun layering to camouflage the short stuff. I have really fine hair like yours and the layered cut is the thing to give you a lift.

Number two, just so that you can have a laugh about something that happened to someone day, I mistakenly took the guard off of my fancy shaver used for trimming hair of all sorts. That day I was trimming my very out of control eyebrows...shaved the right one OFF. I just cried and moaned and cried and called myself Stupid and all of that stuff. My family thought that the CAT DIED...just an eyebrow and one that hides under bangs anyway! My loving daughter brought me some fancy eyebrow filler and I was able to show my face to the world. My eyebrow grew back and no one knew a thing.
Point is...go get help with this, if you haven't already.