Saturday, October 30, 2010


Is it procrastination to not finish crocheting the two projects that you have due in three days  but to pick up some yummy yarn, a set of needles and cast on for a new pair of fingerless gloves?

What if I told you that the crochet project were starting to hurt my hands and when I switch to knitting it helps stretch out the muscles?

So we all agree...I wasn't procrastinating but expanding my design skills while maintaining peek physical knitting and crochet physic :-) 

Take a look at what I made yesterday and today :-)  Now my hands will be nice and toasty.

I am naming them Dittoism...just like the name.

You can find them here on Ravelry for now but I am writing the pattern so it will be up for sale soon.  Plus, I need to get the very best photographer in the world to take some pictures of it for me as these ones that my son took just wont do for the cover of a pattern :-)



Karen said...

Ha! I assume you were going to link to me but that was not my blog! You know I love red so... I guess I'll do it.

AT said...

I will accept your finger stretching excuse. Because I'm the same way! It hurts my fingers to do the same craft for day after day after day. :)

Karen said...

By the way, love the gloves.

Aisling said...

They look amazing! is there any way to follow your blog? I would love to but I can't seem to find a follow button . . .

Aisling said...

Oh my gosh! You finished those in two days? I wouldn't be able to finish those in a week! The gloves are beautiful. You've been nominated for an award on my blog, Restaurants and Recipes.