Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Planes, Knitting and Christmas OH MY!

Well, I leave for Indianapolis tomorrow for a wedding I am in on Saturday. One of my best friends is getting married to her long time boyfriend. All of us girls are headed out there for the festivities. I can't wait!

However, I do have one problem. I am not sure if I am allowed to bring knitting needles on the plane or not. After all the crap that is going down with the terrorist I am not sure if the one thing that keeps me calm on a plane has been banned as well. I don't know what I will do if I am not allowed to bring my knitting on the plane.

I hate to fly in general, but especially on this particular trip because I am going with my little 6 month old and my husband both. I am leaving the other two kids with my family. Hopefully nothing will happen and I can bring my knitting on the plane. Here is to hoping!

I really should be packing my bags instead of being on the computer but it feels good to be able to get on the computer without having to yell at the kids every other minute to stop whatever it is that they might be doing. See, it is 1:17 am on Tuesday...So everybody is in bed. Not me, I am downstairs doing laundry and checking up on all my favorite blogs.

I am currently working on a pair of socks for my dad. Have I told you how much I LOVE socks? I would take a picture of them but I can't find a connecter for my camera to hook into my computer to upload the picture...I have to go to Best Buy and get one. Anyway, these socks are really cool! I am making them out of Peruvian Wool by Cascade Yarns. I tried them on my husband the other day to see how they fit and they look GREAT! However, I thought I had something like 6 more inches to go on the foot itself but it looks like the wool is stretching when I get it on his foot and I only have maybe 3 inches tops. My dad has size 13 feet so these socks are already stinking' huge! I just don't want to make them too big...Don't want them to bunch up on him when he wears them.

They are nice and thick which should be nice since his feet are so tender. He has a medical condition that makes his feet ultra sensitive so I think he will appreciate some nice hand knit socks. But, in true Corbett fashion, my dad does not only want one pair he wants FIVE pair of socks! FIVE PAIR! That is going to take me forever. However, I am at the same time so very excited that he wants something from me and it's not a sweater (he has something like a 55 inch chest!). It is so great that I can make my dad something that I truly know he will love and appreciate. Not to mention something he just can't go out and buy on his own. I guess I have found the one thing I can give the man who has everything. I have to make sure I get them done before Christmas that way he has them all for winter. Not to mention I have so many other pair of socks to make for my friends and other family members.

One of my best friends is having a baby in December and has requested a pair of socks. I would really like to make her a couple of pair before the baby gets here so she could take them to the hospital with her...You mom's out there know how badly your ankles swell up when you are in labor. Wouldn't a great pair of socks be just the right thing? I think so. Not to mention she loves PINK. I won't have to work on any boring socks for her! (Pink is her signature color)

Projects...So may projects so little time. Here is your FOUR month warning! Christmas is just around the corner. If you are going to make something you better get started! I don't know about you all but I have many idea's of things in my mind and I just know that I am not going to get it all done...But I know I am going to try.

The best time about this time of year is that football season is starting. I can sit in front of the TV with my hubby, watch some great football and all the time knit without him complaining that I am not spending any time with him. WE BOTH GET TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Me especially since I love football and I love Knitting.

Hey, maybe the plane will have a football game on the TV and I can knit on my way to Indy...I bet time would really fly then...Get it...FLY!

Till next time.

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niftycrafter said...

Didn't know you were so into knitting! So long since we've seen you. Last I heard you hadn't done too much knitting, but socks...they're pretty advanced shape-wise. Are you working on 4 needles or one flexi-needle?

Knitting's great isn't it? Of couse we've switched, you & I, & I'm really into crochet & felting right now - see my site --- http://www.woolcrafting.com ---
and you'll see just how much! Maybe you could contribute a crochet article for my site? How'd you like that? Your foray into pattern or article writing for a buddy.

Let me know if you'd like to chat about a knitting site of your own, or maybe a joint venture? I was thinking of building a knitting site next.

Hope you have a fun trip. Don't be a stranger!