Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, what can I say about Indiana. It is a beautiful state, very green and a lot of trees. I guess the right thing to say is that Indiana was an experience that I will never forget.

Where to start, remember my last post when I was telling you all that it was so early in the morning and I was checking on the computer to see if I could still bring knitting needles on the plane with me? (For those of you in suspense, you can still bring knitting needles) Well, what I didn't share with you was that while I was up my stomach was really upset. What I thought was just upset stomach due to exhaustion turned out to be appendicitis.

That is right, I had an emergency appendectimy in Indiana as soon as I got off the plane. Yes, I know what you all are thinking "she got on the plane?". Yea...I got on the plane, (I didn't know my appendix were about to rupture) doubled over, 6 month old in tow, husband telling me we shouldn't be going, and me, bound and determined that I was going to make it to the wedding...Oh yea, and NO KNITTING! I was sooo sick I forgot my knit bag that had my things in it. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I should have known then that I should go to the hospital in Denver and not wait for a four hour flight (lay over in Dallas) to Indianapolis.

Anyway, when we got off the plane I told John that we should think about going to the hospital since I was still not feeling really well. So, we got our rental car, I called the insurance company to see which hospital I was covered at (the last thing I needed was to go out of network and have to pay an arm and a leg). The nice lady at the rental car counter told me that St. Vincent was the best so on we went. On the way I had to call the bride to let her know that we did land but were going to make a quick stop before I could see her. Mind you this is T-five days till the wedding and I am a bridesmaid. Adrian was already stressed out, this was the last thing she needed. To make a long story short, we went straight to the hospital, had surgery, stayed in the hospital for two nights and got out just in time to go to the rehearsal dinner and I was in the wedding just three days after surgery :-) God was really taking care of me!

OH, I didn't go the whole trip without any yarn...My wonderful girlfriends couldn't believe that I had forgot my yarn and made a special trip to the yarn store to pick me up some nice sock yarn and needles. I LOVE MY GIRLS!
I told Adrian, the bride, I would make her some socks with it and started as soon as I got the yarn in my hands, no pattern, no gauge swatch...I was just so happy to get yarn I dove right in. BIG mistake. I cast on 88 stitches on size 4 needles...I was in huge denial that it was too big and finished the entire sock. I am telling you, it looked like a sock for a woman who's foot was swollen to the size of a grapefruits! It was way too big and I had to frog it all the way back. What you see in the plastic baggy is what was left of it. Then I started an new one and intended to cast on 56 stitches but ended up only making 48. Doesn't sound like much of a difference until you consider I was doing them on size 2 needles. Now, they are too small! So, to make the best of the situation, I kept the small one and made it the right size for Morgan, Adrian's daughter, and I am going to make Adrian a pair to match. They should be really cute; don't you think?

The wedding was great! It is always nice to see the girls! I have pictures of the mall and the rehearsal dinner but none of the wedding, I am going to try and get them from Diane. So, here are the girls: (left to right) Diane, Me, Adrian, Janene (who is a white normally as me) and Tara

Janene and Adrian went and had a spray tan earlier that day and boy o boy did JP get dark! It seemed to get worse as the day went on. To tell the truth, when I saw her at the mall I didn't even recognize her! Take a look for yourself!
I thought she was an Idian woman at first glance. The good thing is that when she was able to take a shower enough washed off that she looked normal for the wedding...That was good since she was the Maid of Honor!
See how it got darker! This is JP holding my son, JoJo.

OKay, enough picking on JP; Here are some other pictures...

Tara and Diane waiting for their Long Island Ice Tea's at the bar.

Tara, Diane, and Janene after a few Long Island Ice Tea's!

John and JoJo with Steve in the background.

Myself and Tara (aka: Sweden) taking a Tara traditional self portrait.

Now, let's face it, no trip to Indianapolis would be complete without a trip to the RCA Dome!

Luckily, the wedding was downtown so before it we were able (with some shouting for John to stop the car) to get out and shoot this picture thanks to SWEDEN! Notice who the heartthrob is in the banner at the top of the stairs? Here is a better look! What a MAN!

That was my trip! Other than the hospital stay it really wasn't that bad. How could it have been? I got to see my girls, I got to spend time with my hubby, and I got a new Peyton Manning jersey! I only wish I could have made it to training camp...oh well, maybe next year :-)

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