Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Football Game = Great Knitting Time!

Took Knitting, got glares, got requests, got things done...love it!

Went to the Monday Night Broncos v.s. Ravens Football game with my friend Jenni! We had so much fun. It was the first time in two years that we were actually out on the town alone...without kids! Not only that but we were at a MONDAY NIGHT Football Game in CLUB LEVEL SEATS! It was a total blast!

We were able to eat out food without having to yell at kids...we were able to actually sit on our butts for two hours without having to get up and take care of the kids...we were able to enjoy the football game and not have to break up fights. We were so relaxed that we even were able to whip out our knitting and seize the moment for socks too!

In the true nature of the Yarn Harlot I took pictures of my socks at the game!

You might think that Knitting at a Football game would be no bid deal but fellow Knitters...I am here to tell you...we got so many glares! Not the good ones either...the ones like "I canNOT believe they are KNITTING!" Jenni and I didn't care, we just kept on knitting and ignored the glares! There were those few people who were interested in what we were making and of course made request for a pair of socks by the end of the game...I just laughed them off and continured knitting away. We had a great time. I am so proud of Jenni too, these socks are really the first things she has ever knit so to knit them at all is a huge thing but then to do it in public at a huge male sporting event was awesome!

You Go Girl!

I am going to the Colts game tomorrow! I can't wait! I am a Colts fan and have already made a scarf to wear to match my jersey and my pink hat! I will take pictures and let you all see!


knit_n_nascar said...

Rock on, you two! The way I see it, as long as I'm not getting so excited during a sporting event/movie/train ride/flight that I'm not accidentally stabbing you or myself with needles, then leave me be! Sounds like you had a great time

MonicaPDX said...

Looks like a great time was had - except by the glarers, of course. [g] C'mon, is there something about knitting at a game that puts a bad mojo on the outcome or something? I say no. Unless people glare too much and they 'accidentally' get poked by a pointy stick. ;) Good pix!

Hilarious re folks wanting a sock by the end of the game. I can see their reaction if you responded, "Sorry, I'm not the Harlot, and even she takes a day." And way to go Jenni. That does take courage!

chicago_girl_54 said...

well good morning darlin'! you are crazy - 771 hits, that's awesome and how cool is that tool thingy that shows your stats? ok, i'll go ahead and fess up...i didn't actually ever finish the sock much less the pair. as stated by marly on her birthday blog i felted a project bag for her for her birthday and put my socks in there for her to finish for me. i did try though and plan on trying socks again after baby comes and life settles-as much as it can with 8,4 and newborn! i'd also like to thank those who voted for my sock yarn-second from left-in the latest entry. and while i'm having an honest moment the 'obnoxious orange' socks on marly's 'to do' list are for my husband-Go Bears i guess. by now you all are wondering why so many projects for this jenni chick - the nemesis. that's right-i'm the help and let me tell ya that all that you have heard is true including the part about john doing it to himself. as i work on it all i can think about is all the other fun projects i want to be doing instead of this hideously boring nemesis. then i shake myself back to reality and remember that i myself am equally tired of hearing about this blanket and just want it to be all over with-and i've only been working on it for a little while!