Sunday, October 22, 2006

Too Big...The Socks are Too BIG!

Dads socks are too big! Can you believe it? They don't fit him...these monsters that I frogged back Three Times to make sure they were almost perfect were too BIG. Oh well, Now I have made JOHN two things :-)

Today is Johns nemesis. To be truthful, I didn't even try to finish it. The socks are good enough :-)

Okay, Okay, here is the story behind dad's socks. I was so worried that I was going to make them too small that I intentionally made them a little large. Well, I made them out of Cascade 220 Peruvian Wool which the LYS lady said would make a nice thick sock. I CA 82 stitches, which according to my gauge swatch was enough for the size I wanted to make. I worked a 1 and a half inch k2p2 rib then I worked a pattern stitch of K2P2 row and a K row. I thought this made a nice pattern and still some nice give to the sock. My dad has a size 14 foot and so does John so I constantly tried the socks on him to make sure they were not too big or too small. So, I finished the socks and had John model them for me.

They look good right? Take a closer look. The design was really nice I must say. Very masculine.

Yes, the socks may be a little big at the heal and there is a little give at the toe but not too much to worry about, right?

I should have just left them as they were and gave them to him but NOOOOO. I thought that I would wash them first.

Yep, those of you who know what is coming next most likely have made this mistake on your time too...They Felted.

The elasticity that these socks once had was no more. These socks look like they would be for a person with HUGE CANKLES (where the calves and the ankles have no distinct separation).
So, I gave them to my dad...and they looked like 80's slouch socks on him. I felt (no pun intended) so bad! Anyway, I took them back and they still fit John pretty nice so that is how he made off with the socks.

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