Thursday, November 02, 2006


One of the most Totally Cool things happened to me today! I was checking out the last post for Socktoberfest today and saw that there was a list of people who won things. I thought that we had to send in some pictures or something in order to even qualify so I almost didn't even look for my name. Then...there it was. Plain as day "It's a Knit Thing" WHOA! Was that me? I clicked on the link to see if it went to my page...AND IT DID! Can you believe it? The best part is that I was just complaining to my friend that I was in need of something to hold all my DPN's! I am so excited!
I so loved Socktoberfest and made a total of five pairs of socks which isn't much compaired to some other people but I also have three kids to take care of an couldn't devote the entire day to making socks (that's not to say that I didn't want to!)

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to LOLLY! You really made my day!


Lolly said...

YEA! So glad you won! A big thanks goes to Caro, who made and donated the DPN cases. I hope you like it ;) I will forward your information to her and she will get it to you very soon!


Melody said...

congrats on your win. and awesome job on the socks. :) i just made 1pair, but i'm a new at sockmaking!