Thursday, November 02, 2006

Toe Up Socks :-P

So, I thought since I am trying to become a Knitter instead of just a knitter I would venture out and try to do a pair of socks in another way. I decided that I would try toe up and picked a pattern out of the best sock pattern book I have ever used, Sensational Socks. I not only thought I would try a new way to make socks but also try cableing for the first time. Something simple, something that only has a four row repeat, nothing too much to handle you know what I mean?

I started the toe on a Sunday afternoon and by Monday night I was almost done with the first sock. That was pretty fast but I was really enjoying making theses socks since I was using a regular Red Heart Worsted Weight yarn to do them. (didn't want to waste good yarn for a pair of socks I didn't even know if I would do right). Anyway, I took a good look at them before I started to bind them off. I liked the new pattern and the way the heel looked but still not totally convinced that I was a big fan of the toe up socks. The clincher for me when I started to bind off the needles. It was way too tight. So, I ripped it out and did it again in a manner that I thought had more give, sadly I was mistaken. I ripped it out again and this time pulled out my trusty crochet hook and really finished them loose. Now, I think they look like I just stretched them out so much that they won't go back to a normal shape.
Anybody have any ideas how to do this better?


Geordie said...

Hey Girl!

Try casting (binding) off in needles a size or 2 larger than the size you're using for the main part of the socks. Keeps the stitches nice & even too.

Looks like you're sure having fun with those socks! Great job with the cables too - I love the textured look!

Got any crochet patterns done yet??
Talk soon...

Micki said...

Great job on the socks! Lots of people use EZ's sewn cast off for toe up socks. Just google "sewn cast off," and lots of tutorials will come up.

Socks tend to look a bit wonky when they're off the foot. If they look fine while you're wearing them, I wouldn't worry too much about how they look when you're not.