Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Look

Sock break... I have spent the last few hours on this computer updating my look. What do you think? You have probably noticed also that I have changed my blog name. The reasons are many but the number one reason is because I could not ignore the fact that I am not only a knitter but a crocheter. Actually, I am much more accomplished in crochet than knit so I really should state that I am a Crocheter and a knitter. So, I thought of the one thing that connects the two and it so happens to be Yarn.

I love yarn. Touching, Smelling, Holding, Buying, Stashing, Working, Wearing, Giving, you name it I LOVE IT!

Quick story, the other day I got so excited at my local yarn store (the largest yarn store in North America) that a quarter of the way through the store my stomach started to turn and I had to go to the bathroom. That's right, I was so excited I had to go and take a dump in the yarn store. My husband thinks I am crazy but he gets the same way with fantasy football. Anyway, I say all this to express my great appreciation for all things yarn.

It is getting late and I want to get a good nights rest so I can get started on the socks again tomorrow. I will make a point of dedicating an entire post to Yarn.

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