Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

My Birthday was the other day and unlike any other birthday before I just wanted this one to pass by without much notice. Why you ask? Well, this year was the first time I turned 29. You know what that means don't year I am THIRTY YEARS OLD! Oh, the horror. I have been trying to prep for this for the past five joke...the last five years.

So, this year, I just wanted my bithday to go quietly into the night and for the most part it did. Except for the best time ever spent with my mom!

I am a stay at home mom (which ironicly means I am hardly ever at home) with three kids all under five years old. Therefore, money is not something I have a great deal of in my possession. Because of this I am forced to still purchase a great deal of my yarn at large retail stores. I have really stopped buying from Wal-mart and focused my attention on the yarn at a place called Hobby Lobby. They have a brand of yarn there that I absolutely love called Yarn Bee and Baby Bee. These yarns are mainly acrilic yarn with lots and lots of blends. Anyway, mom, the most anti-knitter I know (meaning she does not have any desire to knit but totally appreciates the art) said she was going to take me to Hobby Lobby and let me purchase $200 worth of yarn. Anything I wanted. Well, fellow knitters, I had so much fun at the store, but you know what was even more fun? Pouring my bags out on the bed and laying in all of it :-)

Here is a picture of it all on the bed!

Here is a picture of it all stored away!

Don't I have the GREATEST MOM in the whole World!

I also got Rosewood Crochet hooks! ( before you say anything...I got the Rosewood Knitting needles last year for Christmas) Aren't they devine?

I am using the M hook right now to make my grandmother a Martha Stewart Poncho for tomorrow.
Then, it only gets better, one of my Best Friends, Tara, gave me a Hobby Lobby Gift Card for $25! And one of my other Best Friends, Jenni, MADE me a Crocheted Felted Sock Project Tote! It is the perfect size and color! She is so thoughtful...she even gave me the pair of socks she was working on in the tote to finish for her as a gift! (I'll explain in my Help is on the Way post) Isn't she great! This was her 1st felted project and she gave it to me! I just love her; Tara too!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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Lolly said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! what an amazing gift too! I have some Yarn Bee in my stash that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I was thinking about making a blanket with it.