Sunday, November 26, 2006

Showers of Flowers Virgin

I had a few minutes to spare yesterday and I took my grandmother to the Yarn Store for the first time. My grandma is the one who taught me how to crochet so I thought she would appreciate the most wonderful place on earth! Now, she hasn't crocheted in about 10 years and even before that it was only a every now and then hobby but once a crocheter always a crocheter. She is 87 Years old and grew up in the era of bad acrylic yarn and scratchy wool; so imagine her amazement when she was the multitudes of hues, textures, brands...shear options! "Look at all this yarn" she said to me. "I never knew there was this much yarn".

For me, every time I walk in that store I feel like the angels should be singing "hallelujah" when I open the doors. I was really hoping that my grandmother would be able to feel that same joy as she was a Yarn Store Virgin. Since I spend three days a week with her, I was hoping that I was bringing her to a place that she and I could go and enjoy time together every other week. You know, just looking at patterns, touching yarn, sampling new products. A place that we could mingle with other fiber artist. But my hope was shot down when right in the middle of the store, my grandma look up from a glass display of wonderful alpaca yarn, looks right at me and says "this store is for knit NOT crochet; are you ready to go?"

My jaw dropped to the floor. I don't care if you crochet or knit any yarn store is for you...there has to be this appreciation for the yarn, right? Well, not for my grandma. The way she saw it, this store was for knitters and since she was not a knitter she had no use for it. So, we left. Most likely never to return with her again.

I guess you can't teach an old woman new tricks.

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