Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Socks, Socks, Socks

Everybody wants to learn how to make socks! With Socktoberfest over you might think that I am sick of making socks but that just isn't the case. Now, not only am I making socks but the members of my Sit and Stitch want to learn too! So, tonight I am going to teach them.

Starry went to the Yarn Store and bought some wonderful Lana Grossa selfpatterning yarn and brand new size 2 bamboo knitting needles. The colorway is actually the same as the socks I made for my mom. The other women in my group that want to learn are Donna and Kara.
Donna and Kara are an outstanding mother daughter team that does just about anything crafty you could imagine. Donna brought some really fine wool that she spun from the fleece of her own sheep (isn't that the best?) and Kara brought some simple worsted weight lime green yarn.
I worked on the socks I was intending to give to my brother in law for Christmas but decided to keep them for myself instead when I noticed that what I thought was grey was really a nice shade of purple.
Well, I began to teach them how to make socks using the most wonderful book and everything was going well. Until, Donna, who's yarn was so danty that we couldn't really make out any of the stitches to work. I am sure that there are far better knitters out there who could use this wonderful yarn for great things but I could not for the life of me get the size 1 needles to work for me. Not to mention I thought I was going to break them with every attempt.
Then, Kara had to stop to nurse her baby boy and Donna picked up her socks and started to work on them. Here is a picture of her working away.

Starry got it going right away. She is so funny, she thinks that any socks she makes are going to have to be for somebody who is diformed in some manner because her socks are never going to turn out. I told her that she has to know something about knitting; afterall she is the one who taught me! Anyway, Starry got her stitches casted on and was on her way!

I had to leave the group before the time was up because my husband had a softball game to go to and I had to watch the kids. But, in the hour and a half that I had we got a lot done. I only hope that these three work on the socks over this month and have something to show us on Dec. 7, 2006.

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