Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow = Knitting Time!

Oh, I love Colorado! I especially love really cold days with snow on the ground. I have made the house nice and toasty, the Christmas lights are on the tree and my little animated snoring Santa is singing Jingle Bells with every snort! During times like these I really feel the Christmas Spirit!
Every part of me wants to work on every gift I am making for somebody this year right at this very moment! I HAVE to hold myself back!
My cocoa is next to me with a load of little miniature marshmallows floating at the top (a must) and I am sitting here knitting away on a mate to the blue sock which I think I am going to give to my grandma.
Where are the kids? Taking a nap (thank the Lord). So, I get to sit here quietly, knitting, sipping, and knitting some more. No interruptions, no nagging, no whining, just Peace!

I ask you, does it get any better than this?

Those are decals of JOLLY ol' Saint Nick on my front window! The kids Love them. Merry Christmas!

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