Thursday, November 30, 2006

Does Anybody Care?

Sometimes I wonder if anybody is actually reading my blog or if I am just writing it for my own good. Not really sure if there are people out there who want to actually hear about my yarn obsession or my struggles with knitting and crochet, let alone my little bits about my husband and kids. Maybe I am just hormonal and in need of a little reassurance.

Where is all this coming from you ask? I read the Yarn Harlots blog every day. I just love the little things she puts on there. It doesn't matter what she is writing about, it all is interesting to me. Not only do I read her post but I take the time (when I have it) to read all the comments that her loyal reader leave for her. Some of them are so interesting and just as funny as Stephanie. I even view some of their blogs and leave comments on them to let them know they are loved :-)

After I get inspired by all the wonderful blogs out there, I go to my blog. My blog seems to be the only one out there that nobody is reading. Needless to say, I get a little disappointed that there are not more comments on here. I then wonder if anybody is out there; does anybody care? Not even my friends are leaving comments...maybe they aren't reading it either.

Today, I left a comment on the harlots blog (again). After I hit publish, I went back to read it (as I always do to make sure I made sense) and I noticed that right before my little comment was a new comment I hadn't read yet. When I was reading the comment I was wondering who it was since she made reference to her time she filmed Knitty Gritty (incidentally that is what Stephanie is getting ready to do by knitting 10 step outs of socks). When I looked at the name of the lady it was CAT BORHDI! Cat-Frickin-Borhdi was commenting on her blog! What a thrill I would receive if anybody famous like that would say even a Hello on my blog! I am so jealous of the harlot.

So, I want to make a plea, if you read my little blog at all please leave a comment...Please?



Lisa T said...

Came here from the harlot after enjoying your comments.

Sorry, I'm just a nobody knitter person, but I did read and now I'm commenting.

So see, somebody cares, chin up.

Lolly said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog - that lead me here ;)

Please don't get down about the blog ~ you have so much to contribute!

Best wishes,

Melody said...

:-) we'll never get the comments/hits like La Harlot or MDK. But, it's all good. Blogging is for our own satisfaction. Except, I love hearing peoples comments...and sometimes it is just really hard to find stuff to write about. Keep it up..and I'll leave more comments :-) Thanks too for stopping by mine HAPPY WEEKEND!

Eclair said...

I'm a little late posting this (you've written two more posts since this one) but I just wanted to chip in and say I'm reading too now.

I came here via your comment on my blog. We are out here, we are reading, we do enjoy!

lisa in Co Springs said...

I thought the same thing, until on time I posted a contest, and gave double entries to anyone who "de-lurked" It was amazing how many comment I got. The other thing I did was to put up a site meter---each week I would get a report about how many people had visited the site. Just remember---not everyone who reads, comments.

Kena said...

I read it too : ) I like finding out what you and the family are up to. You always have such neat things going on...would love to get together sometime so you can meet the girls!