Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cyber Santa Letter

What did you ask for this Christmas?
Growing up, Christmas was full of fun, love and laughter. The decorations were meticulously placed on the tree. The little village of Coca-Cola houses and town was delicately placed on the table. And the house was full of Christmas music and the sound of wrapping paper and scotch tape being used to wrap the BEST GIFTS ever.

Why were they the best? My mom, she always took special notice throughout the year of what I would mention I wanted or what I liked. She never disappointed me; ever. When money was low and I wanted the leather bomber jacket (circa 1988) like all my friends had, she and my dad found a way to make it possible.

She even carried it over to the Santa gifts. Those were always the best! It seemed like anything you might not have gotten from mom and dad, Santa was sure to bring you. Christmas was always...magical.

Now that I am older and with kids of my own I can appreciate the work my mom did to make sure my Christmas was as Merry as it could be. Today, my mom is still hard at work finding the perfect gifts. However, it is a little harder because all the things I need/want/crave are a LOT more expensive. But, she still tries to make me happy; even if it means she has to go out of her element to do so. For example; my mom is not a crafty person; simply DOES NOT HAVE THE PATIENCE! Never has she picked up a pair of needles (or a hook) and tried to have a go of it with some yarn (I laugh at the thought). Nor has she ever stepped foot in a store dedicated solely to Yarn and all things wooly. Well, last year she made a point of going to my favorite Yarn Store and purchased some AWESOME rosewood knitting needles for me.

The story goes like this: On Christmas Eve (we always open our gifts on Eve, not Day) when all the presents had been opened, my mom handed me this really nicely wrapped present. I couldn't for the life of me think of what it could be. As I opened the gift I heard my mom telling John to get a picture of my face. This only made me really wonder what it was...I did not remember telling my mom anything that I wanted that I had not already opened (that sounds so spoiled...sorry).

As I was forcing the wrapping paper open with my fingers my mind was searching for a hint of what it could be. Then, I saw what they were! I jumped off the fireplace and screamed with joy. My family members had no idea why I was so happy (they don't understand; to them, they are just sticks). I asked my mom how she knew I wanted those. Get this...she said that way back after the previous Christmas I had mentioned that I would like a set of rosewood knitting needles. She had remembered from that far back and made a point of getting them for me! Isn't that dedication?

Well, instead of just remembering, now days her new thing is for me to send her a wish list from every store/website I like so she can pick what she wants to get me. Sort of like a Cyber Santa Letter.

I have one at knitpicks (just put a whole bunch in a basket and emailed her my name and password),, ebay, LB(but not too much from here because I am on a mission to lose weight remember), and a few etsy shops that I like.

I am telling you...I CAN NOT WAIT until Dec. 24th this year baby! Wonder what will be under the tree.

Tell me:
What did you ask for this Christmas?


Melody said...


Wannietta said...

I'll deny it on the stand, but you're not alone with that knitting & knee thing. LOL

Kara said...

Okay - so last year at Christmas - my dad said that he would make me an oak end table with glass sides and tops to store my afgans and quilts inside but you can still see them - It is way cool, but I am still waiting on it - but i am sure that it will be worth the wait

Valerie said...

What a mom! Isn't it amazing to have kids and realize all the sacrifice and dedication that your own mother put into raising you?

I asked Santa for some KnitPicks options needles. I wish I'd asked for rosewood needles. (must work on that coveting problem...)

Knitting Rose said...

You have the best mom - very lucky. Appreciate her - and Merry Christmas