Thursday, December 14, 2006

I did a bad, BAD thing

Hypnotized: I told you I couldn't resist!

Public Announcement:
if you are planning a trip to the Hobby Lobby in Northern Denver,
don't bother. I cleaned them out!

However, I was informed they are restocking tomorrow.
(John is going to hide my keys, I just know it!)

Some of you have asked what I do or will do with all this eyelash: Well, here is a pic of my BFF in her eyelash/bucle yarn clad poncho I made her:

Hey, I am not the only one who has "freakout moments with Yarn Bee"...Check out my friend Kara!

Give a girl a little love and look what happens. LOL!


lainehmann said...

SOOO fun!
Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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gone knitting said...

PS- You better find a spare set of key to the car as back up!

woolcrafter said...

I'm heading out in search of yarn tomorrow! Hope you left some at the other stores around town!!??
Wish me luck. You chose some yummy colors. Mum brought me some yarn from England too - how kind!!! I'll be enjoying working with that soon.

Melody said...

your CRAZY. that's awesome.

Valerie said...

Holy Toledo!!! Look at all that eyelash! Beautiful colors on the poncho.

You asked about my alpaca addiction--It's so soft. I LURVE soft stuff, much as I'd like to, I really shouldn't spend the entire food budget on yarn, so cashmere is out. Sigh.

Back on the subject of knitting on the treadmill: You crazy, brilliant woman! You inspire me.

Kara said...

Don't be dragging me into your adiction - I only spend a little bit of money of Hobby Lobby (my husband was with me)

Marly said...

Kara, Lets not BS one might have spent a 'little bit' of money at Hobby Lobby when Patrick was with you...but I know what you spent when we went there together! It's okay baby; your secret is safe with me!

Kara said...

Okay- okay you got me, but I think I only have 50 or so new bundles of yarn - it is a good thing that nothing is one sale this week at hobby lobby