Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If you can Drive and Talk on the Phone... can work out and knit socks!

Okay, so I am overweight. I have always been a big girl but lately I am a much bigger girl than I ever used to be. The dang pounds have been gradually adding up over the past five years; with each kid I add another 5 pounds. Something has got to give!

So, my husband and I joined our local recreation center gym and have started to work out together. Because I am not ready to go "gungho" on the weights like I should be doing, I have decided that for the rest of the year I am going to walk on the treadmill. I have heard that walking alone is a good form of excercise as long as it is at a fast pace and for more than 30 minutes.

Walking on the treadmill...not a whole lot of mental stimulation there. I have read my knitting porn. Truely an excelent way to pass the time. It was good the first couple of trips but now I have read all my new magazines that came in the mail. Sure, I could pull out some of my older (but still good) issues, but that isn't really helping me with one of my other pressing situations. CHRISTMAS IS ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY (can you feel my stress?)

Need to finish my knitting! Working out is breaking into my knitting time! What is a knitter to do? That's right...knit whenever, and where ever possible. So, against my husbands pleas for refraining, I brought my knitting to the gym. Do you think he was supportive? NO~not only did he keep telling me that I was crazy, psycho, a lunatic, but he didn't even work out with me. Can you imagine, being ashamed of somebody knitting in public? Totally blows my mind.

As for the actual working out and knitting, really, it wasn't that hard to do it all at the same time. I did work up a sweat and my heartrate was increased (possibly because I was freaking out about the possiblily of losing my needle or a stitch). I had to cast on my second sock for my brothers (they were going to be my dads but I changed my mind) Christmas gift before I got involved in my other projects. I stepped on the machine, hit the quick start button, bumped up the speed and began to cast on my 62 stitches on my size 3 DPN with my really great sock yarn! Multitasking at it's finest.

Surprisingly, I didn't get that many looks or pointing fingers. Actually, come to think of it, I can't recall anybody really even glancing my way. It really wouldn't have mattered if they did. I can hold my own (watch out, I have sticks and I know how to use them). The way I figure it, my knitting is no worse than somebody reading while walking :-)

I had a great work out, got good progress on my sock and was completely satisfied with the whole experience. Will I do it again? ABSOLUTELY...tonight as a matter of fact :-)

Where is the most crazy place you have knit?


Kirsten said...

The most crazy place? I'd have to say in the orthodontist's chair while the technician adjusted something or other. It was a plain back-and-forth stockinette sweater back and I was on a deadline. Sock on a treadmill? I'd try that -- but not casting one on while on a treadmill!

Lolly said...

Good luck with your workout! I would be careful with the knitting on the treadmill! The thought has often crossed my mind while I am working out, but I am too nervous to try it!

Melody said...

hmmm. i think i'd fall *read my blog.. good job though..keep it up.. i need to do something to. ICK.

Leslie said...

Oh man, not me. I'd be like a cartoon character flying of the back end and getting impaled on my double points. Knitting podcasts, baby.

Michelle said...

Impressive! I've tried knitting on the stationary bike but I tend to get to distracted and go too slow but that's just as easily done when reading a good book. Hubby will get used to it. Mine was a bit freaked the first time I knit somewhere he felt "inappropriate" too but he's decided that I'll do it anyway so why fight it. ;)

Pixie said...

Oh this made me laugh! I've always wondered if I could walk on a treadmill and knit at the same time without breaking my neck.

(PS As for two socks at one, it's the Magic Loop technique)

Mei said...

Now that is brilliant! On the treadmill & knitting at the same time sounds like my kind of workout.

The craziest place I've ever knitted was at a bar duing happy hour, drunk on beer.

Lain said...

Good for you, chica!
I have always wanted to knit while on the stationary bike... you inspire me!
Weirdest place... hmm... at stoplights?

Gina said...

Good for you! You should definately add some light weight work soon, as it builds muscle and bone density. Muscle mass burns more calories at rest and in motion, so you are boosting your metabolism. Stay focused and motivated!

Jenn said...

I worked on a poncho on a Recumbant(?) Bike at the gym. It was too big of a project and trying to get the skein stabalized was somewhat difficult. I think 30 min of knitting cardio is just fine at this point - some is better than none! Ofcourse, I know you know what to do when you are ready my throwing Superstar!

Kathleen said...

I have not seen anybody at my gym knit except me. Once a week I try to ride the stationary bike and knit for 45 minutes. On the treadmill I would fall off. And rowing, no hands left. I do walk to work everyday. It usually takes 20-25 minutes and I knit while I walk. My kids think I will get hit by a car because I really do not pay attention, but I do walk on sidewalks when they are available.
Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing that you've found a way to make working out even more productive. I think I might stick to a treadmill or bike (stationary of course, LOL) if I were sock knitting while I did it.
I haven't worked on socks anywhere too crazy yet, but only b/c I don't have a bag (other than my giant knitting bag) to carry my sock projects in; maybe it's time to knit myself a sock project bag, huh?
Keep up the good work. So glad I found this link on the socknitters's a lot of fun to read and I love looking at your work. The striped socks were gorgeous, btw.

Embellishknits said...

Marly -

Way to go! Knitting on the treadmill! I can't even take off my warmup jacket while on the elyptical. If I don't hold on, I get disoriented. I am impressed!

Congrats also on your turbo sock knitting.