Monday, December 04, 2006

Pass It On...maybe?

Well, seems that quit a few of you are at least looking at my blog and some of you are posting comments *loud cheering section*. I would first like to send out a very loud THANK YOU for all the kind words and unexpected interest that you all have given to me. Honestly, I enjoy hearing from you.

One person emailed me and asked how I came up with this idea. Kind of embarassed to say that the idea was thought of while I was watching Oprah. She recently gave her audience $1000 bank cards from Bank of America and told them that they had to spend it on a stranger. How cool would that be? The idea behind the whole concept was that helping others brings much more joy than helping yourself. The outstanding thing was that some of the audience members were able to turn that $1000 into gifts upward of $150,000! It was remarkable. Just goes to show what can happen when we as humans come together and work for a common goal/good.

So, this "Pass It On" of the knitty gritty show is nothing like $1000 bank cards (in the words of Dr. Phil: lets get real) but it is a way for us
K( or little k)nitters to help one another out that really isn't that hard and could be a lot of fun.

Now, on to business. I was litterally up all last night trying to figure out a way for this crazy plan of mine to work out without having it all blow up in my face. Let's face it, nobody likes it when that happens. In my half hearted slumber I came up with a few ideas that I am just going to throw out there to see what you all think. PLEASE, if you have what you think is a better idea let me know! Here goes! In no particular order:

  1. Set up a webring where people can connect with one another. A place that is common ground. On the member blog description you could label yourself as either a "have" or a "have not" (need to think of a better name for about the pimp or the ho...too vulgar?) Then, each member, on thier own terms, can make arrangements to exchange the tape for...sock yarn. Doesn't have to be sock yarn but that seems fitting for the Harlot, don't you think?
  2. Set up a Blog and invite members to join in order to connect with one another. Again, common grounds. Much in the same manner as the webring, we could have lists links. One for the "have's" and one for the "have not's" (...the lucky and the unlucky). The difference of the blog vs the ring is that we would be able to post messages to one another in mass instead of individually on each site.
  3. Set up both the webring and the blog and let "the Harlotons" (my new word for the legion of husband says I should be called a rude!) decide which is better for them. In any case, both would be a place for the "have's" and the "have not's" to connect and help each other out.
  4. I would really like to make it where I just supply the possiblity of getting the show and not actually collecting and mailing out tapes. That would be insane in the membrain! But, I would be a "have" (...a supplier) and would deffinately provide a "have not" (...a junkie) with the "stuff". : -) OH...we need a button...who can make a button?
  5. I wonder if we contact the show if they would supply us with some real deal copies of the show...maybe we should ask Ms. Vickie Howell...should we stage an email/comment on her blog petition? She might get a kick out of it; then again she could hate me and send the Austin Mofia after me. Definately don't want that to happen.
  6. Should we award some sort of prizes. Just given out randomly. Afterall, who doesn't like SWAG? If you would be willing to donate gifts how about letting me know that too? How about you Stephanie...I'm thinking some cool green socks would ROCK?! Hint, Hint :-)
  7. If DIY would get smart and just make all the episodes available on the internet we wouldn't need any type of exchange but then we all wouldn't be able to connect huh?

Okay, there are my idea's. It is now up to you all to help me out wit the outcome of this whole thing. Let's make this thing Rock!

P.S. LOLLY: do you wanna lend me some advice since you did the great socktoberfest so wonderfully?


Melody said...

this is a GREAT idea.
but as shocking as this may be.i dont even own a VCR anymore. Tapes? is that just me in my geeky world or what?

Eclair said...

What a lovely idea! I still have a VCR and I'd love to see the show. We very, VERY rarely get Knitty Gritty here on Sky but when we do it seems to be the same 6 episodes again and again and I'm betting they are nowhere near recent.

I'd love to do this and I'd send yarn to anyone kind enough to post me a tape all the way to New Zealand.

Val said...

How hard is it to put things on YouTube? Would it violate Knitty Gritty copyright to post an episode? Probably.

I'll bet DIY would include at least segments of the episode on their website, but I'll bet the major junkies would like to see the entire show.

Hmmm. I like the idea of setting up a blog with suppliers and junkies. There could be categories for those who need or could supply either analog (tapes) or digital.

BTW thanks for the great blog title advice. ;)

Fi said...


Well, I am in the UK and would love to see it! I doubt it would be broadcast at all here. Maybe DVD would be better as I know we have a different format here for videotape than America (or maybe we have a different DVD format too, I wouldn't put it past us...;o)

I should think it's completely illegal - unfortunately - to put it on you Tube!