Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Socks: I need your vote!

I am part of a wonderful group called Sunday Socks. The idea, to me, is that on every Sunday we are supposed to post what we are currently working on (ie: Socks) and give a little tid bit about it. Well, since I have been a member of this group I have not been able to post anything. It is not because I don't want to nor because I have nothing to share but because I cannot remember my blogger password or the email address I set it up with! Can you believe a little somthing like that is stopping me!
(incidentally, that is the same reason I haven't left any messages for my Grey's Anatomy KAL)

So, I have written the woman who invited me to join this group hoping that she will send me another invitation so I can rejoin but I haven't heard back from her. Why does she need to reinvite me you ask? Apparently, according to Blogger, they cannot give me my password unless it is sent to my email address on record. Well, I think I made up an email address so that doesn't help out at all. So, if they can't give me my password I have to rejoin the KAL as a different person. Does that really make sense to any of you? Seems lame to me but whatever.

Okay, getting on with the post, today, I am going to work on socks. I have a banquet to go to for church and then I have sunday school later that night so I really don't have a lot of time today to knit. But, since socks are so small and portable I am definately going to take them to the banquet. I think I will just sit far in the back and I shouldn't be bothering anybody. I will take pictures to show you all my progress and post them later so check back. I have to make a mate to the sock I was making for my brother in law but kept for myself but I can't decide if I should work on it or not since is really isn't a Christmas gift anymore.

Maybe you can help me. Here is a picture of four different yarns for four different people. All of which are supposed to be made for Christmas in 22 days.
Let me know which one I should do today!

{BFF: you cannot vote for the yarn for your socks :-P}


Allegra said...

The yarn on the far right!

Jessica said...

Second from the left! I like that one the best. :)

Val said...

I second Jessica's motion--second from the left. Course it's night now and you're gone to your banquet, but I hope you'll show which one you picked so I can see how the colors are knitting up.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

You totally crack me up! You know why -- BECAUSE I HAVE DONE THE SAME THING! Apparently I have three different blogger accounts.. and now with the Blogger Google Beta thing, I have FOUR. It's all too confusing.
If it's sock yarn, I like it. So I have no strong opinion in your survey! They all look great!

amanda said...

Your kids are so cute in that snowy post. I say start with the blue and white, only because it stands out the most!

Chris S. said...

Hey there - found my way to your blog through the Yarn Harlot. Yes, you are being read apparently. Not everyone leaves a comment though, sometimes it's simply a matter of not having time, sometimes the reader doesn't feel they can add to the process. Whatever - dont't be sad! As for your idea about a Pass It On for the KG tape of the Harton - I'd love to get it on that. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks - and I'll keep checking back with your site. Chris S.

Micki said...

Another vote for second from the left.

I've gotten over-ambitious in my Christmas knitting as well. Good luck!

lisa in colorado springs said...

All of them are nice! And I knit socks IN church. Nobody seems to mind (yet), and if anyone says anything I'll cop to being a Puritan in another life :)

Jenn said...

BF here and I agree with the majority - second from left!! Go ahead and bump the Nemesis up to 80%. While you're there add the Obnoxious Orange socks to your list! I haven't checked everything out but the blog looks great my ever talented BF! Laura might be joining us for Stitch at McD's tomorrow! Love ya!!