Monday, January 22, 2007

An Actual Post!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,
Marly is finally posting a new message. Since it has been so long since my last post I thought it best to let you all know what I have been up to lately...

Let's see, where to some of you know I take care of my 87 year old grandmother during the week while my oldest is in school. It is a real pleasure to spend time with her and I love her very much. Grandma is actually the one who taught me how to crochet! She also used to take care of me when I was a child so, taking care of her (and I use that loosely as she still lives alone and is fully functioning...almost) is not a is a delight! However, that doesn't make it easy. Kind of like learning to the beginning the thought of working two long sticks and string together to make something wonderful is almost not worth the frustration you might encounter while trying to do so. But you do anyway because you know it is worth it in the end. Well, similar situation with my grandma.

She has Parkinson's disease so she doesn't move very fast or very steadily. Her voice is almost non existent as her vocal cords are farther apart now that she is older and has the Parkinson's so hearing her talk is difficult. Let alone with the two boys (3 and 1) yelling in the background. She also has developed diabetes in recent years so making sure she is eating correctly is a must. All of these things are managable but very difficult with the boys.

I take her to the grocery store, the movies, the bank, bible study, doctors appointments...really where ever she feels like going. She is always telling me that she doesn't want to be a burden to me and my family and I keep telling her that she is nothing of the sort.

So, why am I telling you all this? If you have seen the weather channel you would know that here in Denver we have had five snow storms now in just as many weeks. Along with the snow has come bitter cold temps. Well, what happens when the temp. gets below freezing? That is right...pipes freeze and that is what happened at my grandma's place. So, two weeks ago I went and packed her up and brought her to my house. My parents were out of town so they could do nothing. My brother had shoulder surgery so he couldn't be much of a help, my sisters entire family had the flu so they were definately out! Grandma just had to have (as my daughter called it) a sleep over. I could see the unconfortableness in grandma but I just told her that I understood the situation wasn't ideal but I would do my best to make it an easy one.

Allura LOVED it! She thought it was just great to have grandma-great stay in her bed. One night, Ally crawled into bed with grandma and snuggled in right up around her a cat. Sure, was really cute but you have to remember, with the Parkinson's grandma can't move really well so she was stuck in an uncomfortable possition until I just happened to go in the room and check on them. When I walked in grandma yelled out in a faint voice "she is over here". I looked at the bed and there was Allura just about sufficating grandma! I picked Ally up and put her back in her sleeping bag on the floor and made sure grandma was okay. Possible crisis averted.

All in all, I think grandma had a good time but all she could talk about was going home. That really made me feel bad because I knew she wanted to go but couldn't and if you are like me...telling your grandma no is not an easy thing to do. It wasn't long before mom and dad got back into town and I took grandma to thier house where she still is since her pipes are still frozen. Poor Grandma ;-( atleast she isn't here with three screaming and rambunctious kids all over the place.

Speaking of three kids, I had a miscarrage a few weeks ago. I was only about three or four weeks along so it wasn't a very big I thought. In recent days I have noticed that it affected me more than I thought. Just a little more sad but not depressed. I know that God is perfect and that He is in control of all things so I will not question Him. Just pray that he holds my heart while I go through the emotions.

One thing did come out of the miscarrage, John and I sat down and had a realistic talk about more children and decided that we are done. Three is ENOUGH! He is going to go and get "snipped" next Friday. Luckly, he was willing to do the deed so I didn't have to go on birth control. I just hate that stuff!

Other than all of that...I have just been really busy spending time at the "Yarn Stores" spending my Christmas Gift Cards!

But you will have to wait to hear about all that tomorrow.

Thank you all for all the wonderful emails and comments. It feels good to know that I was missed by so many people.

Until Tomorrow



Tammy said...

Oh Marly, my thoughts, prayers and hugs are with you right now.

I am in awe that you took grandma into your home. That must have been something for your kids to see as well, and to be with great-grandma. How awesome is that, even if it was hard on grandma. She's so used to being in her own space. I am glad you had that opportunity. I just lost my grandma this last October. I know I don't have to tell you to keep those days close to your heart.

Again, hugs to you as you go through an emotional time.

Jo said...

Hi Marly, It's really great that you still have your Grandma. I still have one, she's nearly 90 and I'm noticing now just how much she's aging.

I miscarried between my two youngest kids, so I understand how you're feeling. I also believe that God has a plan, my daughter was born almost a year to the day later that my lost baby would have been born, so I definitely believe that He had a plan. My sympathies for your loss and hang in there, it does get better eventually.

amanda said...

You are such an amazing person. Being a caregiver is very difficult, but it sounds like you're keeping a happy attitude, which is great for you and your grandmother. I'm sorry about your miscarriage - hope you get through this tough time with ease. Find time to knit - it's the ultimate calmer!

Allegra said...

I am just catching up on my 150 unread bloglines. I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Things do happen for a reason, even if they are sad things. I hope you are doing well.