Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gift Socks

Gift socks, I've made a few. Recently a fellow member of Yahoo Group I am a part of found out that a person whom she made a pair of sock for is only wearing her socks to bed. So here are my questions,

Is it okay to only wear handknit socks to bed?
As a gift sock knitter, should you take that as a rejection?
What are some possible reasons that somebody would only wear a pair of handknit socks to bed?
Especially when we take the time to stitch so many thousands of stitches to make just ONE sock, let alone TWO. We know that the person getting these wonderful gifts from your hands must really be worth it. Then, when we give them the socks, fully expecting them to be worn (and worn out in public) we find out that they are only being worn to bed! This is just absurd! I know that half the excitement of knitting a pair of socks for a person is the thought of them wearing a hole into them so I have an excuse to go to the LYS and purchase more yarn to make more socks (who am I kidding...like I need an excuse).

So, here are just a few of the reasons why somebody would only wear handmade socks to bed...in no particular order:

1. The person who got the socks is ashamed of them and doesn't' want to wear them out in public in fear that somebody might see him/or her. (NO Way would this happen)
2. The person is afraid that if he or she wears the socks in public others will see how wonderful they are and will immediately ask where they can get some. Then, the friend who made the socks will be so busy making other people socks that the original person won't get anymore. (Keep your friends who knit close and those who don't knit...don't tell them you have a friend who knits mentality)
3. The person is so happy about the socks, so thankful to have received something completely made with love that he/she wants to wear them at times when he/she needs to feel the love of a friend the most. What better time than to bed when our little feet seem to get neglected when your significant other pulls the covers away. Totally exposing the tender little things! (protection when you need it the most)
4. The person HAS to wear them to bed to prevent others in his/her home from steeling them for themselves! (most likely the answer)

The moral of this exercise is this...no matter when or where the socks are being worn...at least they are being worn!

Happy Knitting!
Marly Knits


RM said...

I have favorite socks that I only wear in the house. Sometimes they are too thick for my shoes, but by me wearing them at home, it means that I like them a lot and they're too special for just everyday use.

Micki said...

In my experience, people don't want to wear their handmade socks because they're afraid of wearing holes in them, i.e., "You put so much work into these, I'd hate to ruin them!"

Now when I give away a pair of socks, I make it clear that, when worn as directed, the socks will get holes. When that happens, I'll have the pleasure of knitting a new pair.

Kara said...

I think that they are trying to protect them and not wear them out-They appriciate the work that went into the socks and want to value them by wearing them at a time where they can't possible get worn out - Now I know that is not why the sock were given - but maybe deep down inside they are worried that if they get a hole in the socks, the friend won't make them a new pair :-)

kaoticorchid said...

I have a pair of socks that I made last year that I absolutely love! I won't wear them out for the most part because I like looking forward to getting home and putting them on and feeling all nice and cozy. It's a good feeling. :)

elise said...

agreed. my dad's so thrilled to have hand-knit socks that he wants to take very good care of them by only wearing them to bed.

seeing as they wouldn't match his business attire (Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Lumberjack), i see no reason for offense. they certainly look... uh, interesting with his plaid PJs though. :)