Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Crunch

Christmas Crunch 2006 is over...I worked my fingers to the bone; well at least to the point of cracking!

The past week has been a KNITTING and CROCHET frenzy here in CO. Christmas was only a few days away the last time I blogged and had to make a decision. Sadly for you my loyal readers, my Christmas projects had to come before my precious little blog for what was supposed to be one week but turned into two. Sorry!I simply had to focus! It was crunch time.

Luckily, the Colorado weather was cooperative! Blizzard, not one but two of them!

That is Johns Car at 10:00 am on the 20th...

Here it is at 10:00 am on the 21st.

I ask you, what do you do during a blizzard? Knit of course. I got Three Pairs of Socks done in Three DAYS! Then I made my first rolled brim baby hat for my BFF Jenni who had her baby on Thursday the 28th, finished my rodeo shawl/wrap that I designed, made four fleece no-sew blankets, and found time to shop for more Yarn! How doooo I do it?

John Blanket aka The NEMESIS

*To make sure the post isn't too hard to view because of a lot of photos I made a set to view with Flickr. Click on the picture above to see all Christmas Photos!*
Hope you All had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Melody said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR... and great knitting!

Sonya said...

I'm so jealous of your snow! We got to x-country ski once last winter and it's not looking much better this year. Congrats on your rosewood needles. They are just beautiful.

Tammy said...

Wow, you go girl!! I can hardly get one pair of socks done in a couple of months. I hope they all appreciate those socks!! I can't believe the snow you guys have gotten this year. It really is something else. I wish we got it too, but we are too warm in OR. Tell us about your little ornament at the top of the post. He is so cute, did he come with knitting already?

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! I have a question for you do you
manage to knit 4 pair of socks in a week and a half and not have your
hands and fingers crampy and oh so sore?

I usually knit my socks on dpns and I've tried plastic, bamboo, casein,
and pony pearl but they all start to bother my hands and fingers after
about an hour of knitting. I've tried using 2 circulars also but to me
it's alot of pulling and tugging with the constant movement of the

This Friday I'm taking a class to learn the Magic Loop and perhaps that
will work out better for me.........any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

I tried crocheting a poncho with the Bernat Soft Bucle (in dark gray) but I couldn't see or feel the stitches :( So instead I found a similar poncho pattern in knit and got almost 50% through one panel when I dropped a stich and couldn't find it so I ripped the whole thing out :( That will teach me not to knit while drinking wine! I still think the yarn is great (if not frustrating for me personally) and I will try again... Thanks for reading my vent...

Again, your wrap is sooooooo pretty :) Congrats!

~Melissa in Lancaster, CA

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing....I would get one sock done in that time! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


I love your socks! You must knit fast. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to make 1 pair! I visited your blog. It was fantastic. I am on a weight loss plan too but I go to Curves and working with each machine, my hands are never that free to knit. Anyway it relaxes me. I really love your blue ones, the ones on the far right? Any way they are all gorgeous. Hubby is in his bedroom watching the ball game and I am (what else?) knitting a pair of socks for him (#4 for me). At least I will be when I get off the computer. I got a neat ball winder and swift for Christmas from dear hubby. Isn't it great when they help your new addiction? At least this one is healthy.


Monica said...

Holy Lightnin' Batman!!! Hats off to you Marly!! You are to be
sockgratulated! (You're my new sock-superhero!!) I'm feeling grand if
I can complete 1 sock in a week!! Nice to meet you on your blog - I
love it! We have piles of snow here too! You have inspired me to
break out the size 2 needles and knit a thin sock...... (I'm a lazy
4mm (sz 6) knitter usually!) It will also mark the beginning of my
assault on Mount sock-stash! tee hee! Take care! Monica in sunny
snowy Sask.