Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Resolution: Knitter Style

Not Necessarily in this Order

1. Knit a sweater for myself out of really nice Yarn Bee Yarn that I purchased for .99 cents

2. Knit a pair of socks for me this time and put everybody else at the back of the line

3. Do a little Stash Smackdown (that is for you Laine) on my eyelash yarn and make Race for the Cure Scarves to Sell and give 10% of the proceedes to a woman I know fighting breast cancer

4. Learn to Fair Isle.

5. After I learn to Fair Isle, I want to make a sweater and STEEK it so I can become a KNITTER (that is for you Stephanie)!

6. Make this Cable Sweater in Red!(Vogue Knitting Winter 2006 Issue)

7. Learn as much as I can about Knitting, especially the different ways to knit. Example: Learn to make socks on a circs so I can grow as a knitter

8. Go to Brown Sheep in Nebraska since I only live 4 hours away and take a factory tour (little substitute for going to Northern Europe which is much farther away)

9. Knit this wonderful sweater for my son before he can't fit into it anymore.
10. Go to the Wool Festival.

11. Start a craft fair at my daughters school

12. Start my own Business
13. Get a pattern published in a magazine

14. Blog about Knitting every day

15. Look into taking classes on knitting and design

...and many many more


Cristina said...

all great resolutions! happy new year.

Melody said...

my oh my. hmmm. if it were me.. i would make the sweater for your son, then knit yourself something. then take some classes.. then everything else will fall into place. quite a list you got going on! can't wait to see what you start!

Kara said...

I can't believe that you moved my socks down on the list - Just kidding - You have way to many goals - I am sticking with just one or two this year.

Valerie said...

I love your wrap, especially with the lacy brown insert. And what a list of goals! Once again, you inspire me. I haven't written down any new year's goals for a number (would that number be 14?) of years--what a coincidence! that would be about the time I started having kids! It's time for a change.

I just found the nice bunch of emails that you sent to me about a month ago (that spam filter is a mixed blessing...) and I wanted to let you know that I wasn't ignoring them--but I'm just a little disorganized.

Maybe we should start our own little knitalong for that Peapod sweater (has there already been one?) I just love that pattern and I have yarn for two of them stewing in my stash. What say you?

I'm going to go Google for a Peapod KAL...

ScrapHappy said...

Love your goals!
I will post mine at some point, I am sure... not many knitting-related though I do have a list of projects to complete/start. I want to do cables! That cable sweater would look AWESOME in red.

I'm focusing on the Stash Smackdown and simplifying.... Ah, easier said than done (says she who just bought four new balls of yarn today and plans to go to another sale tomorrow...).

Susan said...

Wow, you are going to be one busy woman this year! Thanks for stopping by my place.

Kara said...

BTW - I love sweater - I'm thinking Purple - you will have to let me know how hard it is