Thursday, February 15, 2007

Felted Crochet Bag: Rosewood

Some of you have been emailing me asking to see my newest crochet felted bag that I made last week. So, I am going to oblige.

Meet Rosewood
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool
1 skein Rosewood
1 skein Brown (can't find my ball band to give exact name)
1 pair 6" diameter Purse n-alize-it Handbag Handles (from JoAnn's)

Hook: size I rosewood crochet hook

The bag only took me a day to crochet and felt. So it is a great weekend project.

Honestly, it didn't turn out as large as I had hoped but it is a good size for a teenager, or a woman who doesn't have to carry around this, that, or the other thing for your kids/husband. It is also perfect for a small project. I put a pocket on the inside which can easily be put on the outside just by turning the bag inside out...which would make this bag...wait for it...reversible! That's right!
Most definitely I will be making another one of these in a larger size maybe in some blues, what do you think?
The making of the bag really was quit simple. By incorporating the sewing in of the handle as I made the bag it made it really easy to finish. After I had completed the entire bag (worked in one long piece) and had both handles attached, I only had to sew up the sides and voila, Je suis fini.

Here are some pictures so you can see what I am talking about. The first three are pictures of the start of the bag and the last one is a picture of me crocheting on the other handle on the opposite end of the bag.

After felting the bag (click here to learn how to felt) it was important to block. To block the bag you can see in the picture that I put a hard covered book inside. That way it would have a nice shape after drying overnight.

Let me know what you think?

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Valerie said...

Hiya Marly--I've been out of it with sick kids so I need to catch up! 1) I think Fraggle Rock is the perfect name for your furrilicious bag! 2) Your 10 things are great. Salivate? Hahahaha. 3) Since crochet makes a thicker fabric in the first place, it's probably the more natural choice for making felted items, don't you think? Your chrocheted bag is brilliant. LOVE IT.

Melody said...

CUTE BAG! A girl can never have too many purses.

Pixie said...

very cute bag!

Barbara said...

Nice bag! I need to know how you felted it with the handles attached??? Especially if you use wood handles? I must be missing something...thanks if you can address my question.

z's momma said...

what Barbara said...

very cute bag.
and how did you machine felt with the wooden handles? I wanted to make a felted cabled bag, but couldn't figure out how to felt onto the handle.

I do wish Paton would show somewhere what their variegated yarns look like knitted/crocheted up. I really liked the colors for your bag worked up.

ali said...

That turned out adorable! Congrats on that one!

Yarn Thing said...

Hey, thought I better address the handle question on the comments and not just directly to the people who asked.

I literally just put the handles in the washer with the crochet around them. Everything ended up fine...only thing is that I had to check the bag constantly to make sure the handles wern't turning around or anything making the bag twist...does that make sense?

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