Friday, February 16, 2007

Yarn Bee Soft Delight

It is no secret that I am in love with a particular (cover your eyes) acrylic yarn (okay, you can open them) that is distributed by Hobby Lobby called Yarn Bee. I would like to think that I am very familiar with this yarn since I am there nearly every week picking up a little of this and a little of that (and by a little you all know I mean enough to make a sweater right?).

So, I have been noticing that alot of Google hits have come to my site looking for patterns using Yarn Bee Soft Delight Yarn and other Yarn Bee yarns. It is because of these "desperetly seeking" individuals that I have decided to make an entire section of my blog dedicated to the Marly Design Studio patterns using Yarn Bee. Well, not just for these people but because I simply LOVE the stuff!

Okay, to start. I decided I would make the first one really simple. You work this pattern holding both yarns together throughout. The Soft Delight Extreams mixed with the Fun Fur really gives the scarf some visual depth because of the color variation. Plus, it makes the scarf a litte more hardy and not so whispy since you are using such large needles.



  • Size 19


  • Garter Stitch (knit every row)


  • Holding both yarns together, CO 12 (24 for larger scarf) using long tail method
  • work in Garter stitch until scarf measures 36" (60+inches for larger scarf)
  • Bind off; tuck in your ends

See, I told you it was simple. But you end up with two really great matching scarves...FAST! I started both of these at 6:00 at night and was finished by 9:00 the same night.

Why did I make them? It was friendship week at my daughters school and Green (specifically lime green) was her 9th grade friends favorite color. Therefore, I thought it would be great to make her a nice scarf and one for Ally to match (so she felt special). It was a hit!

I can think of a few of my other friends who would LOVE to have this exact scarf. But I am not naming names (KareBear).

I hope you like this scarf as much as my daughter. Please let me know if you make it!


Tami said...

Hi Marly,

So glad you stopped by.

The Grandiflora is actually a knit pattern. The pattern can be found in the Rowan Classic Woman pattern book.

I had to rip it out it was a difficult pattern, and required lots of attention. I still love the Baby Bee Sweet Delight yarn I had bought for Grandiflora in colors Berry Jam & Naked. I plan to use the yarn for a knit blanket in a wave pattern. It is on my list.

I definitely will be back to check out your section on patterns for the yarn.

Have a great weekend.

amanda said...


I found your podcast the other day. I got an ipod for my bday back in November and am actually starting to figure out how to use it. I enjoyed it - keep them coming!

Rubys & Purls said...

Hi Marly,
Thanks for the compliments on my stitch markers. Yes I did make them and they really aren't that hard to make either. I just looked at some examples and tried to copy the different styles. All you need are beads, wire, and hubby's wire-plyers and you are set! I probably had about $4 in materials and about that much again in labor. Thanks for stopping by.

lainehmann said...

I likely won't be knitting the Yarn Bee scarf anytime soon... But I will enjoy yours vicariously! :)

Valerie said...

Hey, I really enjoy your podcast!

Short comment cause there's craziness around my house, but I wanted to let you know that I was here. :)

Karebear said...

I love it - i am going to have to see if i have the yarn to make this :-)

Lori Poppinga said...

Great scarf. I am wondering if you have made a blanket with the yarn bee bangle yarn. I cannot find a pattern anywhere and would really like to make a blanket for my daughter with this yarn.
Thank you for any help.