Friday, February 02, 2007

Smite Me!

Scene: 15 degrees, starting to snow, 1:30 pm, nap time for the kids, Comcast supposed to come and fix my phone between 1-5pm...

Ring, Ring:

Marly: Hello?

Jill: (the enabler) Smite me for I have been a bad, bad girl.

Marly: (in an elevated voice full of excitement) what have you done?

Jill: I went to JoAnn's today to get some more purse handles and decided I would check out the Dollar Tree and see if they had any yarn.

Marly: Well, did they?

Jill: (almost unable to contain the joy)YES! They had Lion Boucle and the Fun Fur with the slubs in it. Bins FULL! Right there, just as I walked in the door, calling my name. I knew I was in trouble!

Marly: NO! (said in disbelief) How much did you buy? Tell me you left some for me? (about ready to have an anxiety attack knowing that I had to get there)

Jill: Well (long pause) I purchased...(drawn out word) E-N-O-U-G-H. (giggle, giggle) I have been a very bad girl!

Marly: Oh, Oh, Oh, I wonder if the one by me has some too (said quickly reaching for the phonebook to retrieve the number to the store on 88th). Are you in my neck of the woods?

Jill: Yep.

Marly: Come on up here, K? I am gonna call the Dollar Tree up the road.

Jill: Okay, see you in a bit.


Ring, Ring

Store: Hello, Dollar Tree.

Marly: Hello, I am calling to find out if you have Lion Boucle yarn for sale at your store.

Store: Um, let me go and take a look. (long pause...then reading the label out loud) LION BOUCLE. Yup, we got it.

Marly: (so excited I nearly wet my pants!)Do you have a lot or is it starting to dwindle?

Store: Um, well, we have about three or four colors...yeah, I would say there is a lot (note: a man, who does not knit or crochet, should not be trusted in the category of yarn quantity).

Marly: I will be right up.


Ding, Dong

Marly: Drop your stuff and let's go to the Dollar Tree!

Jill: Okay, Kids, let's go!

Marly: (already in car in record time with three kids...all in car seats) Close the door behind you!


We got to the store, I purchased some yarn, got home in time to wait for Comcast to come and fix my phone at 5:15pm. Life is Good!

Lion Boucle at the Dollar Tree in Denver is going FAST!

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