Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wait for It

Made it back in one piece! Man, do they make those airplane seats small or what?

I have so much to share with all of you but not right now. I will do my best to write a full post tomorrow with LOTS of pictures!

So, please Wait For It :-)

In the mean time, ponder this for a moment...

Have you all had trouble with Microsoft Explorer? Me TOO! I have been having trouble with it for some time now and a friend of mine suggested a FREE browser called FireFox. I LOVE IT!

You too can get it...just click on the link on my sidebar! That is right, I liked it so much I put a link to it on my blog! That in and of itself should tell you something. Really, Click and Check it out!


Valerie said...

Welcome home!!! I'm glad you're in one piece and I'm sure you have splendiferous things to share...but I'll wait for it. :)

I'm going to check out Firefox right now! Explorer is driving me CRAZY. You're right, I should probably just go to bed.

Melody said...

welcome home, hurry and post about Vegas, let me live through you & your little trip away. I've used Firefox for over a year now, and LOVE IT.

amanda said...

Welcome back! I've been using Firefox for over a year it. It's much smarter than explorer, and I'm a big fan of NOT supporting the mega giant Microsoft.

Can't wait to hear about your trip. We booked our hotel - Treasure Island. It was the best deal...some hotels were like 200+ per night!

Pixie said...

SO, what yarn did you take??!?!

Jean said...

Looking forward to the pictures...patiently. I use both Firefox and Safari. I've got a mac, so explorer has been out of my life for a while now...phew.