Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring in Colorado

*Picture Heavy Post*

I love Colorado.
I love the season changes,
I love the mountains,
I love the cold (you can wear wonderful wooly items),
I love how it never gets too hot (scarves are a year round accessory here),
I love the sports teams (Go Broncos even though my favorite team are the COLTS!),
I love how you can follow just about any directions by finding the mountains and knowing that they are West!

My most favorite thing about Colorado is when spring arrives.

It is a crapshoot as to what kind of weather you are going to get!

The month of April in Colorado has been interesting...to say the least! Here, take a look!

This is my neighbors crab apple tree...

These are my other neighbors beautiful flowers!

Went to my mom's house after picking up Ally from school.
This is the view from her front lawn:

Believe it or not, there is a mountain in the back ground of this picture!

And here is what is was like for me driving home:

Can you see the car in front of me? Neither can I!
But THANK GOD the kids weren't yelling. What were they doing?

Don't you love it when that happens?

Anyway, got home safely! The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow...we shall see!


Laura said...

OMG. Those boys are SOOOO cute.

Melody said...

ahhhh. CO in springtime. joyful. it's the same here in New England, so I won't make fun of your snowflakes ..I'll just nod quietly in full understanding. and YES! sleeping, quiet children... stupendous

Jean said...

Aw, the kiddles are tuckered right out. I'm glad you had quite for that drive...that looks scary! Excellent pictures. How's that crabapple tree doing now?

ScrapHappy said...

LOVE those photos. FUN!

Anonymous said...

*Sniff* I MISS Colorado. Virginia just isn't the same (nor are the East Coast sorry-excuse-for-mountains Appalacians).

Valerie said...

Holy Toledo! We had a bunch of rain, but it turned to snow on it's way to you! I love spring in the mountains, too--LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'm glad you got home alright!

Brynne said...

Oh, do I ever miss Colorado. I'll never feel at home in Texas...