Saturday, April 21, 2007


To all of you who have left me wonderful comments on this blog...THANK YOU!!! *big wooly hugs!*

Please, everybody know that I TOTALLY LOVE getting comments. Makes me feel {{{LOVED}}} I read each and every single one and want to reply to all but sadly am unable to most of the time. So, here it is...your THANK YOU

Why am I unable to reply?? Well, if you don't enable others to see your email address Blogger doesn't send it with your comment; thus, I have no way to get back to some of you and I am sorry for that. Really, I am! So, I thought it was important to post a quick note to everybody to let them know that I do appreciate your kind words!



naida said...

hi Marly, great blog!

Pixie said...

I thought I'd leave a random comment because I know how happy it makes you.