Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brown Sheep Yarn Mill

**Picture Heavy Post**

The day began at 8:00am in the parking lot in front of The Cottage Yarn!
When I got there, Jill had already arrived and was talking to a couple of other people
who where going on this wonderful field trip with us!

Look at the size of that bus!

This is the Crew (minus the Christi who is taking the picture)

What do you bring on a Field Trip that is 8 hours on a bus
(4 hours of driving to and from) with a bunch of other knitters?
Nope, we couldn't decide either :-)

These are just pictures of the people sitting around me as I didn't
get out of my seat much on the trip...too busy knitting :-)

When we got there we met Peggy, the owner!

What a nice lady! She has the one of the best job in the world.

Jill and I took pictures of ourselves in front of the sign after lunch knowing full well that
we might be totally intoxicated by the wool after the tour
and might not remember to do it before we leave :-)

The Tour!
First, you walk into the front door and this is what you see...

That is YARN BABY! An entire BIN FULL of undyed yarn on cones (right in front)...
An entire BIN FULL of PURPLE hanks of bulky weight yarn (to the left)...
See those big barrel looking things in the back with the white things
draping all above them?

I have ever felt! It is being pulled out of the barrels and spun onto cones...
Just like the big white cones in that silver bin!

Anybody else need to go to the bathroom real quick?

Okay, directly to the right of the door you see this...

Yep, that is the store! In here Brown Sheep Yarn Mill sells its seconds,
bags, clogs, water bottle cozies, buttons, tools, patterns and books,
and some other name brand yarn
(since it is also the only yarn store for the town).

Take a look at this...

Even the Brown Sheep people know that Crochet Felt is as beautiful as Knit Felt!

We were all so overwhelmed by the yarn that we all started to pick things out to buy.
This is even before the tour began! I though it was funny.

The tour! What an amazing gift it was to be allowed to tour the mill.
Peggy usually won't give tours for several reasons but mainly
because of safety issues and because of competition.

Here is Jill and I about to step foot into the Mill...
Which leads me to why there are no pictures of the mill.
They were not allowed so sorry. But I do have pictures of the yarn!

First, here is the picture of Peggy and I after the tour was over.
I told her I wanted to be her best friend!

Although she may not look like it, she is thrilled to be my friend :-)

Okay, back to the yarn...This was one of my favorite yarns they had...

Use four hanks of this yarn to make this bag

I liked this yarn so much I realized when I got home
That I had only taken pictures of it!

OH...I LOVE this yarn! I think it was the color combos that
I loved the most!

I love this bag! I bought the yarn to make this bag!

How much was everything you ask? Well, they sold everything by the pound
so, the Solids were $12.00 a pound
and the hand-painted were $25.00 a pound!

Less than wholesale (which is the only way to order from them)

How much did I buy?
Enough :-) ($140...what? It was my Mothers Day Gift!)

I got some Lambs Pride Worsted, Lambs Pride Bulky, Lambs Pride Superwash, Nature Spun,
Cotton Fleece, Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn

Did you notice what I didn't get?

That is right, I didn't buy any Burly Spun...can you believe it?
I took all those pictures then I didn't buy any.
Truly, I regretted it all the way home.

I guess that means I just have to go back :-)

If my camera cord would ever get here I would take a picture of all
the yarn I purchased! When it gets here (I ordered it last week)
I will take a picture and let post them so you all can drool like I did!
Anyway, the trip was outstanding! Hands Down the BEST field trip I have
been on since I went to Nickelodeon Studios in High School...but that is a whole other story!


knitting2relax said...

Wow, thanks for the virtual trip! I'm glad you were feeling well enough to go.

5elementknitr said...

Holy Crap! Howdjoo score that awesome trip and when's then next one????

Amy said...

yummy - looks like fun!!

This might be a stupid question...but, in the end, is there ANY difference in knit felt or crochet felt?

Victoria said...

wow how cool is that! i would love to go to the mill...Brown Sheep is my favorite all their lines!

Silja said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Aah! What fun! I'd love to do something like that around here.

Jean said...

Wow! What a cool field trip! I'm kinda jealous. But thank you for sharing the stories and pictures! It's almost like going. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post!!! I love the bag too and I feel the knitting gods calling to me. Where did you get the pattern?

I would have driven or flown from NY to go on that trip!!!!

kaoticorchid said...

WOW!!! That is so freakin' cool! I have been thinking of a trip from Oklahoma to there for awhile now-you may have just tempted me to make it!

Diane Lovell said...

*sigh* jealous *sigh*