Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Meme

Camera still down and out! This will have to do for the time being...sorry!

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My 7 Random Facts:
1. I was named after a character on a soap opera. My real name is Marlaina after Marlena Evans now Black on Days of Our Lives. Oddly enough, it was my DAD who wanted to name me that since he thought the woman who plays her (Deidre Hall) is so beautiful!

2. Even more random is the fact that on the show, Marlena is married to a man by the name of John (look at that much make up do you think he has on?). And as you all know, that is the same name as my husband. Once John (husband, not character) and I were at a Hobby Lobby with my mom and she happened to say our name to get our attention. Like lightning, this woman bolted out of one of the aisles and was carrying on about our names and the show!

3. I was once a collegiate athlete division one. I used to throw the discus, the shot-put, the hammer and the indoor weight. Throwing was never really my first passion when it came to sports but I was pretty good at it and it payed for me to go to college. Can't beat that.

4. Here you go, this one will shock some of you (yeah right) my major in college was Communication! Imagine that!

5. I didn't have my first real kiss until my 19th birthday. When the guy went in for the "big one" I was shocked to feel his tongue against my lips. YUCK...he was just a friend...what the h*ll was he doing? Then, seconds later (yes, it lasted a while) I began to get into it and the rest is history. He and I didn't last long but I must say, he was a good teacher :-) At least that is what they tell me; LOL!

6. I have a counting obsession. Seriously, I count stop lights when I am in an intersection. And it has to be in a specific order...not just right to left but far left, far right, next to far left, next to far right then the middle. Crazy huh? Oh it gets worse. Sometimes I find myself driving along the highway when I realize I have been counting the cars that pass me going the other direction! Really, I've been on number 237 before and thought "What the h*ll?"

Since there is so much counting when you make something while crocheting or knitting I think that is one of the reasons I like it so much!

7. I have a problem with interrupting people while they are talking to me. In the middle of a story, I will interject with a little this or that pertaining to the story or something related to the story or something that was just on my mind but had to be said right then! It's not that I am trying to be rude it is more that I don't want to forget what I want to say so I blurt it out! (blame it on mommy brain but I sometimes forget what I am...what was I saying?...oh yeah) I always say I am sorry after I do it and I work REALLY hard at not doing it but there are those days when I just can't help it. So, if you ever talk to me in person...fair warning :-)

Okay, who am I going to tag? Val (of course), Ali, Stephanie, Nachaele, Nicole, Jenn, Diane

Let's see what you got!

P.S. Hopefully the camera cord will come in the mail soon. Jill tried to bring me one today to see if it would work but sadly it did not ;-(



knitting2relax said...

That was a fun read!

Diane Lovell said...

Awesome answers Marly! Thanks for tagging me!!! :)

Jenn said...

Yeah! Hehe I am a conversation interrupter too, and for exactly the same reasons... Thanks for tagging me! :) - Jenn