Friday, July 06, 2007

I am a Republican and I am Outraged!

Please, don't think I am going to post messages like this often. I am not one that likes to talk politics very often because it lets out emotions in some that can ruin relationships. So, I am taking a BRIEF (one post only) time out from my normal talk to express a little...

As an AMERICAN...I can't sit quiet anymore! I am so full of anger and disgust for this administration!


It is not just the "pardon" of Scooter...but the whole kit and caboodle. I don't agree with this war in Iraq, I don't think the President has OUR best interest at hand, I think he toys with the laws of our constitution like Tinker Toys, I don't think he is honest (but what politician really is?). AUGHHHHH! Honestly, I can't express how I feel or the reasons I feel what I feel any better than Keith did on MSNBC...

If you want to know what I am talking about please click here or on the TV below. If not, no worries...I won't hold it against you :-) But listen to the WHOLE thing...the entire argument and really consider what he says...beyond party lines!

This really isn't about Republican or Democrats is about us as Americans paying attention to what is happening to our country! I would not let my husband go without reprimand if he tried to pull half the sh*t over my eyes as the president has. So why should I not say something?...anything? It is our duty as citizens of this great nation to question our leaders and keep them in check....are we doing that here? Honestly, I am not sure.

You know what I find so wonderful about knitting and crochet? It is the fact that we are all a part of a community connected together through our obsession craft that politics, religion, ethnicity, country/location does not matter. We all still get a long on this median!
You know what I mean?

So, I am working on my UFO's and WIP's are you?

I promise, I will start to blog more soon...promise :-) Got a LOT to tell you all!


tina said...

It is sometimes hard to take a stand, good for you!!!!! I applaud you!

Lisa said...

The pardon of Scooter Libby is indeed a low point in American history. Too bad he won't take his advice about resigning.

knitting2relax said...

I could only watch about a minute of that.
I had a feeling that would happen, but actually seeing it is another matter.

Sheknits said...

Wow- I just watched the whole thing and i am speechless...and feel sick.

Jean said...

I know what you mean about frequently choosing to avoid discussions about politics and religion for the sake of maintaining otherwise pleasant relationships. Hubby and I often bite our tounges around some of our own family members. And I know what you mean about enjoying how the knitting community can see past lots of those dividing lines because we are united by our love of the craft. That said, I think you are totally within your rights to express your opinion on your own blog. Good for you!

Anna-Liza said...

I am not a Republican and have been a critic of GWB since he was merely the governor of Texas, so I can't say I'm outraged ... because I expected something like this to happen. I'm not even surprised he commuted the prison sentence instead of a blanket pardon, because it's so much more wishy-washy.

That said, I have absolute respect for you, Marly, and for people who have true convictions based on thoughtful reading of the events of the world, whether I agree or not. And I also love the fact that craft-people can be such a supportive community across such differences of opinion. I feel like having an obsession, er, craft in common helps us put the fact that these are opinions in perspective in our relationships.

amanda said...

Kudos to you Marly. First, thanks for linking to this video - I hadn't seen it. Second, although I am not Republican and didn't vote for W, I am glad to know that there are Republicans out there who are outraged at this administration. I do not believe that this country is as divided along party lines as politicians would like us all to believe - they (Dems and Repubs) keep the lines thick so it will help them come election time. It is such a sad manipulation of the American people.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Republicans are the only ones who pardon people. Oh wait, that's right, Clinton issued 140 pardons as well as several commutations on his last day of office.

Funny how it is so much worse in the media's eyes when Republicans pull the same shenanigans that the Democrats either have done or are still doing. Politics is a dirty business and both parties have blood on their hands..

PS: not looking to hide identity, I just don't have the time to sign up right now.