Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In a funk

I feel like I need a little motivation to write out these damn patterns that I have been putting off for ages now. I know I need to get them done, and I know taht putting them on the purse workshop will get more people looking but the FEAR of not writing it out correctly is so overwhelming that I feel paralyzed.

I have to just fight through this. I HAVE to get this done.

Send me cyber love...I NEED IT!



Brenda said...

Cyber love coming your way! Really looking forward to seeing your patterns.

Anonymous said...


Remember, everyone gets into funks. Just sit down and write the pattern and I'll even test knit for you!

Silja said...

Get to it! *kicking some Yarnthing but* No seriously, get to it!
Errors can be fixed and corrected in patterns. Write them up with a note that you hope that they dont contain any errors and if somebody finds one lets you know so you can correct it.

*sending cyberlove to Marly*

Throws Like A Girl said...

Just write it down, already! Error catching is what test knitters/crocheters are for! It's not like there is a shortage of people who will test your fabulous patterns for you. :) *poke poke* :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love. All you need is love. 8-)
Anytime girl. I hate writing too. I would suggest that you only do it for 30 minutes today. Then again tomorrow. See how that goes. I find if I only do 30 minutes - I find myself surprised that 2 hours later I'm still writing. Fake yourself out!

knitting2relax said...


You can do this. You will do it. Find a quiet corner and try it!

Serenknitity said...

I know what you mean. I can spend hours surfing on the computer, but when I have to sit there and do some work... suddenly the housework seems enticing.
As the other comments say, mistakes can be easily rectified, so go easy on yourself, and take lots of breaks!

Valerie said...

Hey hey whadda ya say,
Marly Marly make our day,
Let those patterns out to play!
Whooooo Marly!!!

(That was my imitation of a cheerleader. Not very convincing, I know. I was a band nerd, what can I say.) You can do it, I know you can. Just start on it and you'll get sucked in and be done before you know it. And it's your website so you can edit the pattern any time you want--so the pressure is off, right?! {{{{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}}}

bev said...

Marly, I don't have lots of time to test knit/crochet, but I can proof it for you. It you want, send it up and I can do that for you. It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes. But, as was stated before, a tester can find those little things that a proofer cannot. You do need to write it out though. If you can come up with the pattern, you can write it down. Don't worry about the little errors, a statement of humanness and possibility of error makes up for some of it. Also, you can put an errata on you blog and put your blog addy in the pattern. (easy way to get more readers!)