Monday, November 12, 2007

Annie Modesitt

Many of you know of my admiration for Annie. I talked about her quite often on my podcast. I even dedicated one entire episode to her and other designers that I like!

So, imagine my excitement when I learned that she was coming to Colorado and putting on a few workshops at one of the LYS in my area! SQUEEEEEE!!!

Jill and I found out a couple months ago that Annie was coming but due to the illness of her husband it was not known if she would be able to keep the date or not so publicizing the information was not happening. You know, just in case she had to back out! But, When I heard from the Knitted Peace that Annie had indeed confirmed her trip I was ecstatic! Only to be reminded that we (the family) were low on money and really couldn't justify spending $45.00 on a knitting class.

Jill called me a couple of times in the weeks prior to the classes asking me if I wanted to go. I kept telling her let me check with John; still searching for the right moment to ask him if I could PLEASE GO? When finally she gave up and thought that I just didn't want to go and stopped asking.

On the Saturday that she was in town John was in a good mood. So, I took a shot.

"Honey," cause if you are going to ask your husband if you can go to a yarn store to take a knitting class and oh yeah it is going to cost $45.00, honey is always a good touch, "I was wondering. Would you mind if I went to visit that knitting author I told you about?"

"Who?" he asked.

"Annie, Annie Modesitt. You know, the one that sent me those flip books?" my voice was filling with excitement as I explained.

"Oh yeah, she is in town today?"

Almost unable to contain my joy cause I could tell by his voice that he was concidering it. "Yeah, today and tomorrow. She is putting on some classes at the Yarn store in Littleton. Jill and I have been wanting to go but I didn't know if we could afford it."

John laughed and said, "Well, that has never stopped you before. Go ahead and go."

I quickly kissed him and ran to the computer to get the phone number for the store to make sure there was room in the classes. I answer. I hung up...called again. This time a nice lady picked up the phone and told me that the Sunday classes were not full and if I wanted to show up to the Littleton Museum (that is where they were holding the classes) in the morning I could get in.


I hung up the phone, called Jill! "Hey, do you want to go to the Annie Modesitt Double Knitting class with me in the morning?", I didn't stop for her to respond, "I just called the store and the lady said that Annie has some spaces open on the Sunday morning class if we wanted to go! So, do you want to go? Do you, huh, do you?" Perma-Grin on my FACE!!

It took Jill a moment to kind of collect herself. Then she finally said "Nothing like last minute!"

"Well, you know me, if I am anything it is last minute!"

She laughed and told me she had to check with her husband and call me back.

Later that day she called and told me she was in!

YEAH!!! We were going to see Annie!!!

To Be Continued!!!


Saffron said...

That's totally cool! Can't wait to hear about it!

StarSpry said...

I'm glad you could go :)

Patiently waiting for the rest of the story...